How to Win Climate Change

There are many common beliefs about what climate change actually is. This is a problem that is specific to this current generation due to the technological advances that are supposedly the cause. There is a high amount of activism going on about stopping man-made climate change, but I’m going to show you why this is a waste of time.
Climate change and global warming are not the same things.

Let’s look at the definitions. Based on GlobalWarming the unabridged guide…”Global Warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and it’s projected continuation.”This rise in temperature is due to the activities of humans and that is from a 95% consensus from scientist on a U.N. panel. In short the definition of global warming is that the actions of humans are causing the earth to get hotter and it will eventually lead to the end of the earth. It is not the same thing as climate change. Climate change is something that has been going on since the beginning of time. It is the natural fluctuation of the earth’s climate. We don’t have any control of it. For example, who cause who caused the ice age? Was it the dinosaurs? Who brought us out of the ice age? Was it the first human settlers that caused the earth to thaw by their smoke signal and camp fires harming the ozone layer? If you think about if longer than two minutes you will realize it’s not likely.

The first claim I will debunk is this. Cow flatulence is causing the Ozone later to open and cause global warming. Many of you may feel this is just a ridiculous claim that I am making up. If only that was the case.The White House wants to regulate cow farts. Vaccines are even being developed to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases(cattle flatulence) being emitted. Australian farmers are even signing their sheep and cattle up to get vaccinated for this purpose.Let’s use common sense. If cow or cattle flatulence is so dangerous to this planet, what happened when the dinosaurs were around? Dinosaurs are said to have roamed the planet for 165million years. Over the span of 165 million years you can safely figure that the accumulated population of dinosaurs exceeds that of cows and other cattle of this present time. You can also safely figure that dinosaurs are multiple times more massive than cows and any other animal on this planet. We could look at the recent discovery of the Titanosaurus for reference. This is said to be the largest animal to ever walk the planet. The point is that the dinosaurs would have emitted more greenhouse gases than cows due to their gargantuan size. They also would have emitted more gas over a time of 165 million years. According to the original claim this should have caused many massive holes in the ozone layer. As you can see the earth is not a ball of flames, and not only that but we had an ice age. We should have had an extremely hot age with those high amount of global warming causing factors.But we did not. Simply put, the ice age we had was natural climate change. This climate change happens without the actions of humans. Another point you must consider is how we left the ice age, surely is was not because of the camp fires of settlers emitting gases into the ozone later.

The second claim is that human caused global warming is causing the polar bears to almost go extinct. The idea is that global warming is melting the polar ice caps and is destroying their environment. This is causing them to die and even eat one another. The polar bear has been the mascot for the cause of global warming for many years but when looking at the numbers, the claims do not add up. In the 1950’s it was reported that there are 5,000 to 10,000 living polar bears in the world. In the year 2014, it is reported that there are 22,600 to 32,000 living polar bear son the planet. That is four times the amount from the 1950’s. As far as their habitat is concerned, in 2007 Al Gore spoke intensely about scientific research he had seen and predicted the entire north polar ice caps will vanish. If we look at the data from 2013we actually see that the polar ice caps are still there and they have increased from the last year.

The third claim is that we actually have to take action to stop global warming. There are billions of dollars being spent and solution being created to stop global warming. Politicians are making speeches about going green by using wind and solar power so we can cut down carbon emissions. This sounds nice and I would love to have every home powered by solar panels but if this is solely because of global warming then there is a problem. Global warming has been on a 17 years plus pause. According toNASA it’s been for 17 years and six months. If we bring it up to date we see its been17 years and nine months. This is startling information considering the growth of the population. More people means more carbon emissions going into the atmosphere. That means we should see more global warming. More global warming would bring a hotter earth hand we would see a continuous increase in temperature every year. That has not been the case with this 17 year pause. We also have more cars on the road than ever. According to a study by Wards Auto, the population of cars on the road is over one Billion. We see an increase in global warming causing factors, but no increase in temperature. If you haven’t noticed, we have experienced record-breaking cold temperatures recently around the world.For example, it recently snowed in Egypt for the first time in 112 years.

The forth claim is that global warming is actually climate change. Global warming is not climate change. The global warming definition is specifically specified as the increase in earth’s temperature due to UV rays beaming through the holes in the ozone layer. The holes in the ozone layer are supposed to be caused by the actions of humans. Climate change is the earth’s natural cycle of changing. One example of that would be the ice age.The only you hear global warming is causing climate change, is because those who proposed global warming is real could not back up their claims that humans are causing the earth to get hotter. It didn’t make sense to continue making their claims in an alarming manner if we are on the receiving end of record cold temperatures. They had to come up with a way to justify spending billions of dollars. The tried to do this by saying global warming is causing the polar vortex. The explanation of this is that the damages to the ozone layer are causing the earth to act unnatural and the polar vortex is causing the record cold temperatures. There are recent articles claiming to show the effects of the polar vortex withNiagara Falls being frozen over. The problem with this is that in 1974 Time Magazine claimed the polar vortex was caused due to global cooling. That’s right the complete opposite of global warming. We can also look back as far as 1911 and see that this is not the first time Niagara falls has frozen over. The fifth claim is that there is a 95% consensus that humans cause global warming. With this consensus claim you may also hear about a97%, 98% and even a 99% consensus. Many of those who agree with that claim would sayI am disagreeing with science in general. They would have you believe that the 95%,97%or whatever percentage they are using at the moment represents all scientist. These claims come from the likes of John Oliver all the way to Barack Obama. We continually hear these claims but if you look closer they are not true.

Majority of scientist do not agree with man-made climate change. The original claim of a 95% consensus agreeing on human caused global warming comes from a U.N. panel. They are specifically known as the IntergovernmentalPanel on Climate change (IPCC) and it’s often claimed that there are 4,000 scientist whore viewed the reports. You should know that 4,000 scientist did not write the report.4,000 scientist did not review the report. When you take out the duplicated names it takes the number down to less than 2,900. The reports are not always peer-reviewed and many of the scientists are decades away from receiving their Ph.D. Some of those same graduate students were made lead and contributing authors on IPCC reports. There are your ” top experts”.Another red flag is that there are authors of the Assessment reports who are green activist with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) connections. Popular belief is that the consensus is from those who are unbiased. Knowing this information I find that hard to believe. They only want to appear neutral to gain your trust. Another reason why people are saying there is a 97% consensus is because they heard it on the news. Some who call themselves doing research would look at this other study from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) survey.It is not from a peer-reviewed report but an online survey that was sent out to 10,257people. It was only received by 3,146 people. 77 of those were climate scientist. 75 of the 77 agreed to the second question of the two question survey.Here are the two questions 1. When compared with pre-1800s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained relatively constant?2. Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures? That’s right the 97% consensus point comes from a two question online survey. Again ,only 75 climate scientist agreed to the second question. That is embarrassing considering the survey was created to bump up the numbers since it was an online survey with only two questions. And those pushing the global warming hoax bring up the consensus point without giving you the full detail because they knowhow ridiculous it will sound. There is no way 75 scientist represent the whole scientific community. We could even look at the IPCC panel claim of 95% out of “4,000” and see its not representative of the whole scientific community. There is a simple way to destroy this. In the U.S.alone, there were over ten million scientist and engineers in the workforce in 1999. If you can find the amount of scientist in the world you will see it greatly exceeds the “4,077” (thats both studies added together)representative number they keep using. It’s hard to find that exactly number and some may argue about the difference between an engineer and scientist according to the ten million I mentioned earlier.

That is just to give you an idea. You can compare the number of scientific documents being created in each country and you will see that there are millions of documents being created. Itsurely couldn’t be just 4000+ people. They want you to believe this small amount represents the entire scientific community. Their idea of a consensus is a joke when you consider the scientific community is made up of millions of people. Think about it. We must count for the scientist in U.S.,China,Russia,India and that is just to name a few. 95% of the scientific community does not agree with human caused global warming?