NASA Warns Of Mass Extinction If We Don’t Fix Climate Change

Nasa recently released more data on climate science and what they are finding is that what we previously knew about climate science is actually not as bad as what their reality is. According to the researchers, nasa said that records of temperature they go back further than the 1980s, taken the analysis of ice cores and sediments suggest that the warning of recent decades is out of step with any period over the past millennium. In the last 30 years, we have really moved into exceptional territory. It is unprecedented in 1000 years. There is no period that has the trend seen in the 20th century in terms of the inclination of temperatures. So the scientists are trying to say here is look, the earth is actually warming a lot quicker than we had expected, and we need to do something drastic right now or else we are going to suffer some serious ramifications. There are already some island nations that are expected to be underwater in the coming decades and it is going to keep getting worse and worse.

Maintaining temperatures below the 1.5 celsius guard rail requires significant and very rapid cut in carbon dioxide emissions or coordinate a geo-engineering. That is very unlikely, we are not even yet making a missions cuts commensurate with keeping warming below 2∞c. Let’s break this down. If you thought the jury was out before and climate change and a long time ago, i was in that camp, there is been a lot of years since then and the jury is in. The evidence is right here. 2014 was the warmest year ever. Then 2015 was the warmest year ever. Now 2016 is going to be the warmest year ever. July was the warmest month in recorded history going back to 1880 and it was true of every month leading up to july since last october. Every month is the hottest month it has ever been. Every year is the hottest year it is ever been. You look at the charts and you see the temperature going like this, through the roof, and yet we are not doing, i mean, we’re doing some things about it.

The paris climate treaty etc. Donald trump says he is going to tear that up the minute he gets and office if he does. The scientists are telling you under current circumstances, we are not doing nearly enough that it is getting worse and worse, and the right wing in this country says yeah, but that will companies have to make an extra couple of bucks. I’m going to do propaganda. We endanger the entire planet but hey, my donors paid me in a couple of dollars and so they are going to rip up what little policies we’re doing in this regard. It is crazy. It’s almost literally a crime against humanity. Lamy emphasize again that what we are currently doing right now is in cutting omissions is clearly not enough. The research also found that just five more years of carbon dioxide emissions at current levels, even considering what we’re doing now, will virtually wipe out any chance of bringing temperatures to a 1.

5 celsius increase and avoid runaway climate change. At the end of the article, they explain the polarized caps are melting. The ones that are on land, once they are off land they go into the water and that obviously raises the level of the water. That could raise ocean water level by 70 feet. It could lead to what is known as verse six mass extinction of animal species. Let’s understand the different things that americans are scared of and their politicians demagogue about. One is the refugees are coming. Earlier today i did a story about how we have led in, since 9/11, 800,000 refugees from war-torn places like iraq and syria. Of those, only three have ever consented considered anything close to terrorism. To plan for something outside of the us and one was considered a barely credible threat.

3 out of 800,000 is a minuscule percentage, but everybody is freaking out and having a giant national debate about the refugees, what a threat. In reality, your next-door neighbor, in fact, your family member shooting you is a much higher percentage chance than three out of 800,000. On the other hand, we have one what might be a mass extinction event died is overwhelmingly proved by a most every scientist in the world and people say what problem? There’s no problem. It’s insane and it goes beyond countries going underwater or extreme weather conditions. Those are already terrible as it is. But for all of those living on land that won’t lend up underwater in the next century, you have to worry about the lack of resources because we won’t live in a world that can grow the plants and the vegetables and fruits and the agriculture that we need. That is going to lead to serious war.

Nasa is freaking out about this, but they are not the only government agency. There is one other government into me that is freaking out about it diet is the united states married terrell military. They’re planning for what we’re going to do when the wars come because of climate change. I don’t think they are a bunch of liberals in the us military that are looking at this in going let’s live out and figure out what we are going to do here. No, they are planning because they can see that wherever there are droughts, it displaces people and when you do that it forces them into new areas which creates conflict and leads to war. One example of many. It’s not a thing hundred years from now diet is already happening all across the globe and it is only going to get worse and worse. We are here discussing irrelevant topics about whether we should be humane to 10,000 refugees that are coming in as an example. Lastly, the right-wingers say no, 97% of the world scientists across the world got together and decided to do a global conspiracy because they might get some extra dollars out of research grants.

This conspiracy was hatched in all of the different countries, and india, and russia, and the us, and brazil, and the netherlands. They all agreed that some of those science scientist and get research grants. They live under us law, they live under a completely different situation. Why did they say that? For two obvious reasons. One, they want to replace their propaganda that they get paid for from the people creating climate change the don’t want you to change and have a vested interest in billions of dollars estate. They get paid to give you propaganda and make sure you ignore the facts that secondly, they do projections. Well, what do we do? We get paid to let people all the time so we assume that if anyone is saying something else, they are also being paid to lie like we are as right-wingers. Conservative talk show host, fox news channel, republican politicians, they are all paid to lead you from oil companies and on down. Stop listening to their lies.

All of the scientists in the world did not get together and decide to make this up. It is the most real thing there is. Is actually the biggest threat we face. Wake up already and let’s all do something together because otherwise we’re not going to fix it and we are going to be in literally a world of hurt..