Trump Puts Fossil Fuel Shill In Charge Of EPA

Turns out we will have a new head of the department of environmental as donald trump calls it. It is of course the environmental protection agency. Well, like the corrupt politicians ñ he decided let’s fill the swamp. Let me go to my donors and say hey, what do you guys want? All the people who donated to me that are in oil and fossil fuel industry, who was your dream candidate? It’s not sarah palin, it is scott pruitt. Who is scott pruitt? And why is he the dream candidate for fossil fuel companies? He is the atty. Gen. Of oklahoma. They are one of the largest oil-producing and manufacturing states. There is a distribution center there as well. Great. Their aim is destruction. You will have cops on the street to make sure ñ you have regulations to protect consumers, take those regulations away.

And power the robbers and the robber barons. So, in case you are a little amazed by that, it is true. They nominated the guy who sued the epa to be the head of the epa. He sued them several times to say don’t do any regulations, or any of the stuff for you are trying to clean the environment. I don’t want any of that protection or agency. They are like perfect, you are our guy. Who was finding him? We will get to that in a moment. Now, we are not done yet. See, this is who these guys are. Scott pruitt doesn’t have a mind of his own, he is an errand boy. Devon energy writes a policy for him, they handed to him. More from the washington post now. So, think about that for second. The other atty. Gen. Thinks let’s investigate if exxon mobil is hiding information.

They actually know how terrible climate changes. But they don’t want to reveal it because it would hurt their bottom line. Pruitt steps in to defend exxon mobil, he is supposed to be working for the people of oklahoma, but in reality he works for all these people that are finding him and all his fellow politicians on his side. Don’t you want to know? There is no climate change problem. These are the guys they are putting in charge. It is corruption defined. So, now let’s go to the industry spokespeople and see what they think of pruitt. Scott siegel who is from bracewell policy group said this. Do you know that means? The clean air act is into thin air. America, this is what you empowered. We warned you and here it is. For those of you saying give him a chance, ha ha. Who do you think scott pruitt works for? He did work for you in oklahoma, and he won’t as the head of epa. He is going to eviscerate the epa.

Yeah, i will give him a chance if he comes in and says oh my gosh i have just realized i’m a bribed official for oil companies. Well, let’s not do that again, let’s protect the environment and its citizens. My guess is he is going to go and give them everything they ever dreamed of. Fossil fuel companies are licking their chops right now. Scott pruitt! Trump is not going to drain the swamp, he is the swamp..