97% Chance Of Global Cooling The Ice Age Occur In 2030

Scientists say that the future is going to be a lot colder because the solar activity will decline about 60 percent. This was reported by the British Daily Express. According to European researchers, between 2030 and 2040 we get a “mini ice age”. The findings are at odds with statements by environmentalists, who claim that we are facing 2030 rising sea levels and flooding by melting glaciers at the poles. Professor Valentina Zharkova from Northumbria University said at a meeting in Wales that irregularities in the solar cycle will be responsible for weather conditions since the 1600s are no longer observed. Between 1645 and 1715 the global temperature dropped so fast as a result of decreased solar activity, that there was an ice age. Nearly 200 years ago, scientists first suggested that the activity of the sun varies in a cycle of about 11 years. No model could explain why so far the activity fluctuates. The researchers now have a new model that can predict when the next cold period will be.

On the basis of the current solar activity, they predict that ten years after 2030 the cycles decreases. Professor Zharkova said two magnetic waves cancel each other around 2030, increasing the number of sunspots and solar flares will approximately 60 percent decrease. With the new model predictions can be made that are 97 percent accurate, according Zharkova. Environmentalists claim the earth’s temperature will rise in the near future unless we emit less CO2. Good news is, i can enjoy this view for 15 more years, yoeppie. I want to read your thoughts in the comment section, if you want to read the article visit the link below or click the box in the top right corner now. If you are new here click the RED subscribe button below this video to make sure you never miss the alternative news. I appreciate a lot if you share this video to spread the news like an unstoppable virus. I´m Heathcliff, your host. Lionsgroundnews.com.