Christian Groups: Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Alongside Global Warming

The Kansas State Supreme Court today has upheld the right of a school district there to present both global warmng and the Biblical Armageddon as legitimate theories about the end of the world. A documentary made about the controversial Kansas school district will be airing on PBS tonight. -In this Kansas City school district kids are getting a taste of both sides of the story. Teachers here say they use a variety of methods not to give students a definitive answer about how the world will come to a horrific end but to frame the question. Now at the forefront of the debate are Joseph Bowers of the Public Education Initiative which oppose the ruling and Anita Conover of Armageddon in the Classroom. Hello. -Thank you. -Mr. Bowers, what's so wrong about kids being exposed to both views of how they'll die? -Well first of all it's a clear violation of the separation of Church and State.

If you want to teach your kids that they're going to be burnt alive when God pours His fourth bowl of wrath upon the Earth, that's fine, just do it in the Church or at home. Now I understand Miss Conover you think differently about this. Yes. Polls show that more than 80% of Americans believe that God exists and He has an intelligent plan for how we will all die. -Yes I understand that can be confusing for a child. -Yes, that's why we say pose both theories simply as questions. Are we doomed because of our moral sins or because of our pollution? And let the children answer for themselves. -Well the documentary has some very interesting interviews with the kids themselves. Let's take a look. -But some people think that the world is going to end by the world's going to heat up and we're all going to be baked alive, but other people think a monster with seven heads is going to come out and rip us apart. I'm still deciding. There's a lot of great exercises. I'll have them all pretend that they're being burned alive by the cleansing fires of heaven and then I'll have them pretend that they're being swept away by a tsunami that is washing away all of our major cities and so it's a lot of fun. -Well as we can clearly see from this clip, this school is spending valuable class time in religious theories, meaning that there is less time to teach these kids about how the seas are going to be acified by pollution.

Excuse me, the seas will turn to blood. -No, the kids need to know this. That's ridiculous. -In the fifties most schools taught kids that Mankind would be brought to an end either by God or by skin-melting nuclear bombs. There is room for more than one idea in our classrooms. Yes I understand. Well thank you for being with us. Thank you. -Thank you. -And next up, MTV scientists have discovered a previously unfilmed species of asshole..