Oceans Have Been Slowing Global Warming… Until Now

When it comes to climate change we tend to focus most of our attention on the atmosphere and was going on in it. Being able to vote and register to vote and register on the same day, voter suppression and multiple different forms, the ocean and how the ocean is been changing over time. Particular how it has helped to slow some of the effects of climate change up to this point but perhaps not for much longer. Turns out that since 1970 global waters have been a powerful ally against global warming observing 93% of the human carbon dioxide released by human activities. This is according to a report released by the national union of conservation of neighbor nature. They say if the oceans weren’t there to protect us and hadn’t absorbed a huge amount of carbon are lower apis atmosphere would’ve artie heated up by 36∞c which does not mean there are temperatures on the surface would be 36∞c higher but it would’ve been an incredible amount of additional warming in the atmosphere that was thankfully a bernadotte the ocean which has been warming will continue to warm by between 1 to 4∞c by 2100 which is not a long way off and that is an absolutely massive amount of additional warming which will have a numerous effects on the animals that live there and the rest of the world that we are going to go through some of the effects in just a 2nd.

I was think that it’s funny, it would’ve warned of not for the ocean, i got it, but we would all be incinerated if not for the ozone layer. The oceans have always been there. Yeah but we didn’t know how strong of an effect they were having and absorbing carbon and that will not perhaps continue because in the report they talk about the fact that there is a maximum amount of carbon that it can observe and it is reaching it. I just think the phrasing is odd. If not for the moon, with the sun distinguishes we are going to freeze very quickly. Show me a report about that. It’s just another step that we have maxed out the protection the oceans can give us against global warming. The indication for me would be that the next hundred years were obviously be much worse than the last hundred years that the last. We either need to change how we consume and produce energy, clean atmosphere, or generate another ocean.

Only 70% of the planet, let’s find some more water. It is too bad that we didn’t get lucky. Speak for yourself. That climate change didn’t make things better. In some ways it has done in limited circumstances may be. But it wasn’t only got this is great the result of climate change is that food grows click quicker and healthier and better. But it didn’t. That is too bad. Is just more evidence. A story like this comes out after labor day so we have a significant climate change story which might resonate with people and therefore increases the possibility that people are at least going to talk about in the coming days although our talk to action race she’ll on climate change is not great in this country or the world. Are importance to talk radio is in good art talk to action ratios even worse. Hopefully hillary clinton is elected she will step to the plate in a meaningful way on climate change.

Of course we all know we can’t do it on our own. We are one mighty country but we are only one. One of the things that obama has done which has fallen short in a lot of ways but it’s still important that he is gotten us involved in some international agreements that are the only chance we have actually stop this. Agreements which donald trump says we believe on day one. In the first 35 minutes we have had on two critical issues. Voter rights for minorities and climate change. 2 reasons why a vote for jill stein is a terrible mistake. Million some higher principle and noble one, but a vote for her is a terrible mistake. At the very least, in states without boat could be the difference. There are plenty of places where it could not be a dish difference. Is not just a vote but it’s advocating. You must going negative and advocating against trump. Find go that way as opposed to advocating for hillary but especially people with a platform.

Everybody’s got a platform because everybody has a name and no one is as influential as your friends. For as much as you want to listen to bill o’reilly and i hate using them but nobody as influential as those people might be or any pundit might be, no one is as influential as your friend larry who says i’ve been reading this and trump is dangerous. You talk and have breakfast together and then you have convince someone who say i was going to vote for gary johnson but we can’t have trump so i’m going to vote for hillary clinton. They live in ohio and it makes a difference. Step two would be going the other way and realizing, because again, i love think gary johnson may take votes from donald trump but right now it’s very clear that it’s about even and who is taking votes. I’ve seen different things.

They are conflicting at best. Best case there conflicting, worst-case is a cleanest doing worse. Johnson is the second most popular along young voters. If i change my mind on this after clinton is out elected, the most interesting people are hypocrites. I have no interest at all in having a meal people who are having critical at all. If hillary clinton is not sufficiently progressive and obviously everyone will have a different standard on that but if this is all nonsense and her opposition to the tpp which i don’t oppose us mothers do but her opposition to, if she backs off of $15 and she backs off of her plan to provide debt relief for college and if she is not serious about restoring voting rights in areas that the president can make a difference and restricting the nonviolent prison population, if she backs off, then go get her.

Even if that means losing and 20/20. I’ve a feeling that is what is going to happen. I don’t me go get her. I mean literally go get her. Fund and support russ one gold for his 20/20 run for president. Have a different nominee for president and risk losing to that republican who i trust won’t be as awful as donald trump. The should he situation that we find ourselves in is if climate change is the most important issue to you which it is to many people, i think it probably should be, if hillary clinton did nothing new to forestall the effects of our warning warming climate and all that, it would still be far better than chum because trump says he is going to eliminate all of the environmental protections that obama has put into effect as president. That is a bad situation but also not that complicated to figure out which is the better of the 2. Let’s talk about some of the effects.

If the climate continues to heat the way it is especially the oceans which as i said we don’t focus on nearly enough, a number of things are going to take place. Let’s talk about some of those. Entire species populations such as plankton, jellyfish, tortoise, and seabirds are moving toward the poles up to 10∞ latitude which on a global scale is a long way, taking up residence in waters previously too cold to support them. That’s five times faster than land animals are migrating north. That does not only mean that fishing boats need to travel little bit more. That could irreparably harm our ability to get fish out of the ocean and feed our population. In southeast asia, as fish leave their homes marine fisheries may fall up to 30% by 2050. The latest models predict that by 2050 warmer oceans will bleach nearly all of the world’s reef. We’ve seen a lot of evidence of that.

If you are not concerned with the reefs and you are not concerned with animals, i understand, we are very human centric species, but it will also affect us. People who live near or interact with ocean could be increased risk of illness as warmer oceans quickly spread pathogen such as cholera carrying bacteria and algae blooms. As ocean warms, so will severe weather such as hurricanes and typhoons. The leader that we talked about in the video we showed noted the rare double hurricanes that recently skirted hawaii. Types of extreme weather that we’ve never seen before. I don’t know enough about this, but i know that that makes me like the overwhelming majority of americans. I think if i were to advise climate change advocates, people who think we need to do something, they need to be scared. That is what works. That’s how republicans have been elected to office. We can’t just say 1 to 4∞c by 2100. We can’t just say 50% of the reefs will be destroyed. It needs to be tangible.

Reefer madness isn’t enough? Josh fox is incredibly smart and a gifted filmmaker but he was really hesitant to talk about that stuff and i think it is a mistake. The human consequences? Like hunger. Children dying. If you want to make a difference, then you’ll have to go extreme. Maybe you’ll push a little too far. Obviously models are different, but we know that reasonable models have pretty extreme circumstances. I think we need more of that because what really motivates americans and the world, but certainly what motivates us is fear. Even if he gets crushed we are going to have 45 many people voting for donald trump. Something to remember. No matter how awful he is, even if hillary wins by 12 points, he’s going to have 45 million people voting for him.

They would still be there watching trump tv. They will be there wednesday morning..