Voters First Forum: Scott Walker on climate change, bipartisanship, budgets

It tells you all you need to know when our friends hated and our enemies like it. Governor scott walker has served as the 45th governor of the state of wisconsin since 2011. Mr. Heath: is climate change related to human activity, and what steps if any should america be taking to address climate change? I would like you to comment to the president’s proposal today to cut carbon emissions 25%. Is that realistic? Mr. Walker: first off is not the clean power plant, is costly power plant. I am an eagle scout. We were taught along time ago, your campsite should be cleaner when you leave that when you find it. I want to balance the sustainable environment with a sustainable economy. It has to go hand-in-hand. I want an economy that my children and grandchildren can grow in as well. This proposal is a buzz saw to the nation’s economy and we need a leader in the white house who will recognize that balance.

Mr. Heath: it was not long ago when congress looked at cutting the budget. They balked, and sequestration came about. How could you lead and work with congress on both sides of the aisle to really cut spending and try to be specific in some areas in the budget that you think could and need to be cut. ? We reduce taxes by $2 billion. We reduced one of the brackets and did it on job creators and farmers and manufacturers and others out there. We actually lowered property taxes in my state, they are lower than they were four years ago. I know how to balance a budget. It’s a combination of things. It has to be through growth and reform. We lay out a multipronged friend — plan to once and for all reveal — repeal of obama care. To rein in the out-of-control government. To make sure everyone gets the education and skills they need to succeed and reform and lower the tax rate in the country. That will help growth. On the other side, a big part of reform is taking major portions of the federal government, medicaid, transportation, natural resources and others and take it from washington and send it back to the states.

Governors are more efficient at managing those programs. Mr. Heath: user right to recall in wash — in wisconsin — you survived a recall. You have a surplus, how much now? Mr. Walker: the started with the billion dollars and we have another budget and we will end up with cash balance again. Our rainy day fund is 165 times bigger than when we started. I am pro-worker and pro-taxpayer. We gave workers the freedom to choose. We gave workers the freedom to choose whether they want to be in a labor union or not. Many chose to keep that money they used to pay for union dues to pay for the kids college education or other things. All the power was concentrated in the hands of the ely union bosses. We redistributed that back to the hard-working taxpayers. In our schools, we no longer have seniority or tenure. We can hire an fire based on merit. That means we get the best and brightest in our classrooms. Graduation rates are up .

A ct scores are second-best in the country. It was not too late for wisconsin and it’s not too late for america. Mr. Heath: the biggest challenge as governor you felt you were successful on? Mr. Walker: focusing on reform and growth, not just on austerity..