Fox News is Certain that Climate Change is a Hoax and Will Smear Anybody Disagrees

You don't go see Joseph Goebbels's films to see the truth about Nazi Germany. You don't want to go see Al Gore's film to see the truth about global warming. Global warming. Well, I rudely put it in the myth chapter with psychics and astrology It is some of the coldest air this part of the country in 20 years. Proof that all of this hype over global warming could be just that, hype. Today's headlines about global warming prove the news axiom, "if it bleeds, it leads." The warming is due to the sun. Thermal nuclear war might threaten the survival of our civilization, but warming up the planet, I think not. No doubt that it's manmade? It's a hoax. A total hoax? It's an outrageous lie. You're a meteorologist. What do you think scientists really agree on? There is no agreement that the warming we've seen is due to man. It is more fiction than fact. Just to rush to judgment and assume that its human emissions and carbon dioxide are the greenhouse gases is really foolish.

CO2 is not a pollutant. The hysteria. We're all going to drown! This is the alarmist scientists who always get the most play on the media. The think about Al Gore is that I've always thought of him as such an inauthentic man. Planet fever or PR fever? Al Gore is wrong in his science. I want to point out something. He's got the Bela Lugosi haircut. Al Gore is unhinged If we had to connect with our audiences on this issue, we'd learn that we must first get our own house in order. Companies themselves have realized that there is some way to make some bucks by getting on board of some sort of climate change program. Acting on this issues is simply good business. Alarmist messages about global warming are counterproductive. But I'm a little more worried about Achmed with a nuclear weapon than a stupid glacier melting. Outrage over dems who want to fight global warming at the expense of fighting terrorism..