Zero Waste with Zero Effort | Use your own damn mug, already

Hi everybody. This week I'm going to talk about another easy swap that you can make and you will save on waste. For a lot of you, this will make a big impact. The reason for that is because a lot of people love coffee but we don't make it at home. We go out to espresso stands, coffee shops and cafes. This simple swap is to bring your own mug. You've been told this before. You've always been told to swap out single use cups for something a little more sustainable. But I'm going to tell you something about this mug that I really like. I don't know if you can see but it's made out of glass. I love glass over plastics and metals. Glass to me is beautiful. Easy to clean. The only thing to look out for is if you're going to put hot liquids in a glass container you make sure you temper the glass first, or put a warm liquid – to warm up the glass – then put the hot liquid in. Another thing I like about this is it comes with a sleeve.

I've never tried to take it off, and really: why would I? Look how cute it is! This keeps my hands from getting burnt but it also keeps my beverage warmer for longer. You can't see but there is a little opening to that liquid kind of dribbled out, like a cascading pool ever so delicately on my tongue. It helps me from burning myself because I drink things too quickly. The other thing I love about this is:it has a handle. A tip I have for all of you:try to find a mug that eliminates the need for a plastic straw. You can find something like this that has the sippy-cup function. You can get what I have at work is a glass jar with a glass straw. But whatever you do: try to avoid those plastic straws they try to give you. You also need to know the size of your container. When you give your barista your jar you want to make sure they know how much to put in there. 8? 12? 24? 332? I don't know. But make sure your barista is fully aware of how to fill this with.

..also so they know how much to charge you. This right here is 12 ounces. It's a perfect size for me. It also keeps me from drinking more than I probably should. Ok friends, what I want to know from you is:do you have a reusable mug? If so what is it like? If you don't have a reusable mug then I want to know what you need to have in your reusable mug to make your life easier. You can interact with this video however you see fit that is your life and your choices. You can find me on Twitter @HeyCassieVee and all my other social medias are listed down below. And I will see you and your reusable mug next week!.