Does Europe Ignore Climate Change & Global Warming Too?

it is thursday time for world view with dennis campbell dennison editor in chief of u_k_ progressive magazine author of the book billionaire boys election freak show and also in egypt unshackled earlier in the week after hurricane sandy come through here and there were a lot of political implications including now the discussion of chris christie being seen with president i'll bomb and what that means just days before the the presidential election and we really not seen much of a connection being made to discussions of climate change not that individual extreme weather events are that the of the loan indicator of climate change but you would think it would create an opportunity to discuss that mainstream media not too interested in touching it talk a little bit about on your side of the pond what is the connection between individual weather events and climate change and the discussion that these topics get indeed their mainstream media well it is a very big issue here and a lot of people don't recognize is that when you look at a map of the united kingdom uh.

.. and uh… will get it from on actual blow and draw across the latitude lines you will see that we're on a direct line with edmonton alberta canada now obviously we don't get the coulter bridges that they're known for because of one simple fact of the gulfstream which holds the u_s_ east coast empties out outright here over ireland in great britain and pretty much the the whole northern part of the will pollute the sea area there then we'll see what we do have is and renewed focus on it because we've been having also very very strange weather events just before you and i started recording this segment david we had a line of super cells come through and type contract them on the net offices radar as they grow across must moving a good clip bought forty two forty five miles per hour and those everything like some of the storms that you would get racing across the great plains as well as what you would see come through in civil afternoon in miami and florida and what i seem to be extraordinarily shopping is the amount of moisture that is contained in these two owns we had three straight days of rain at the end of september and each of those days contained one that months typical rainfall for this time of year so is becoming a big issue one that we started to focus on very all carefully here this fall are have the obvious question that have to be at here is well let's take a step back for a second and fair we've really got reliable observable weather for a couple of hundred years of records more or less and given how long the earth has been around it is very presumptuous to say that because of any individual weather events even in a twenty five fifty hundred hundred year period that we are seeing actual climate change in the long term not i understand that point-of-view powers that used on your side i mean a here in the u_s_ idea is used basically to say this is a liberal conspiracy and we should absolutely not worry about it at all not to me allen says is we need to be aware of that but we also need to be taking a very very seriously i was a scene there well this doesn't leave impact on the amount of carbon the usually yet we're seeing record localize cats received tremendous amounts of stones much like what we saw with sandy yes in one respect it is true pearly to say the climate changes caused or what we have seen on the other hand there is clearly a man-made footprint you all of this we used to see hot temperatures routinely uh.

.. in the eighties and nineties in italy now those temperatures italy and again in greece or well over a hundred laundered and temple returned fifteen degrees and what's happened is that those countries have become almost desert like and varied in their nature whereas here where we normally would have temperatures in the sixties and seventies many higher they need eighty five we've seen much more temperate uh… temperatures at the heater in the uh… in the summer lots so there are some changes going on systemically was seen insects here coming up from parts of africa parts of southern europe that we've never seen before were seen diseases be in spreading away and particularly when you start talking you know that the travels from sub-saharan africa on out through across the mediterranean into europe they're going to be some fairly dramatic changes in the coming years in the u_s_ even though the overwhelming consensus looking at the numbers is that we do have to be aware that that uh..

. human activity on her is is or may be affecting klein that there are these kind of holdout ayala scientists often they are funded by groups that have an interest in having a a counterpoint it doesn't really filter down in this kind of nineteen ninety one percent ratio thick due to popular opinion in other words popular opinion is much more split about what the effect of human activity is on the climate compare that to your oven in europe are people more uh… uh… confident that this is this is a real thing earned address that a little bit well here if we believe in science hasn't i mean you know i've i literally had a dinner last friday evening with a number of professors at the university of carter who all saying that if newt wrongly would become elected as a result of this campaign the u_s_ will see a phenomenal brain drain of scientific talent and people are not going to stick around because there's not gonna be any funding available for the research grants that's required when you saw with the with the floods that the the the hospital in new york city you know there through the years worth of research will completely destroyed because they didn't even having such a simple medical records on homebound computer systems and backups so the fact that we believe in science that we don't have a bunch of of uh.

.. creationist yahoos writing off school textbooks is a huge advantage here and i think you're going to see uh… more and more american scientists get fed up with the system and the way in which people or are literally being of brainwashed into this this way of thinking they're going to be coming over here that would be going to asia where they'll be welcomed with open arms because they're well-known refuses to to to be resolved illnesses diseased is they sell that the iroquois a stem cells those sorts of things that you can't even touch because this is white hot social issues on your side of the bomb all right very quickly benefit the one attack on last week story which we did were you broke the story of the retired an estate analysts who pointed out what he believed to be mathematical proof that republican election fraud is taking place give us a follow up of course the the video and the story doing very very well over the last seven days what's going on now with that well record but important updates riadi tomorrow first thing saturday morning on what i have witnessed it and again going back to this idea of science and math beings so important the value of michael donoghue and france russia captain and uh.

.. part of their own uniconindia included all their email strains of both of messages going back and forth i what i like most about the way in which the going about this is that they're constantly testing assumptions they're constantly bouncing things off of each other's and they say you know we don't have a definitive answer here or there but there is very likely evidence that there's something going on that needs to be paid attention to it there's been another study in another group of scientists have joined in from stanford university into the discussion and we also have the hacker group anonymous express it interest in the results who were involved in companies setter so distillery is something that's going to continue right up to instead and i think beyond tuesday because you're going to have some real difficulties with the actual counting the ballots and who knows when we're going to get this actually was all all right so stanford and anonymous now involved certainly covering all bases we've been speaking to me that scientists from those schools hospitals and sales we do not speaking with dennis campbell he is editor in chief of u_k_ progressive magazine the book in japan shackled the book billionaire boys election freak show dennis thanks as always.