Paradise Lost – The Maldives and Climate Change

the Republic of Maldives is a South Asian island country in the Indian Ocean made up of 26 atolls spanning just 35,000 square miles it's also the lowest-lying country in the world with an average ground-level elevation of just under five feet or 1.5 meters its highest natural point is just seven feet 10 inches or 2.4 meters add that to the Maldivian populations heavy reliance on diesel fuel which produces planet warming emissions that means you have a beautiful island nation hiding an environmental disaster just below the surface to combat this the government has introduced several plans of action in fact seen here this underwater cabinet meeting from $MONTH 2009 was a clever attempt to highlight the problem the Maldives is facing the former president mohamed nasheed who was ousted in 2012 call for reducing carbon emissions trying to send our message let the world know what is happening and what might what will happen to the Holden's if I may change is not checked but when i was there in the Maldives the smell of fuel emissions in the air was disappointing the streets are very narrow and there's a constant stream of motorized vehicles the air quality is also very poor here Holly besides poor air quality and a rising sea level the environmental troubles in this beautiful island nation continue with coral and beach erosion lack of freshwater rapid population growth and lack of disbursement as well as waste and sewage disposal issues according to a $MONTH 2007 panel on climate change the Maldives is facing a rise of up to 58 centimeters in sea level which would push this island nation under water by the ear 2101 way in which the government is working to survive rising sea levels is by building artificial islands like this area called Wolfie Molly and while tourism is the country's number-one industry it does present a catch-22 the growing demand for hotels means additional depletion of Natural Resources the tourism industry assuming here in the Mounties others by artist construction of new hotels you see behind but keeping their environmental concerns in mind the government has issued several regulations to limit maximum build-up including mandatory replacement of each tree that's cut down and strict rules on any coral or sand binding climate change and environmental stressors have put the future of the Maldives in serious jeopardy so while you could spend a level vacation here and i would highly suggest you do the probability that your grandchildren could do the same might be 5050.