Pope Plunges Into Climate Change, Religious Rights Issues

Now. This is south Florida’s cbs news. A day of firsts for pope Francis. Invitation-only event at the white house, his first encounter with the public in the u.S., a midday prayer with American bishops, all leading to celebrating his first-ever mass on u.S. Soil. Right now we’re live at that mass which is still underway at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in Washington D.C. We have live coverage of the pope in America. The pope has no intention of avoiding controversial issues white in the u.S. — while in the u.S. [ indiscernible ] was in Vatican city when he was selected. She joins us more on his first full day in America. That was quite a day. . Reporter: it certainly has been. — medical — Vatican planning is unfolding today in an essence capital — in the nation’s capital.

Messages across political lines , minutes ago wrapping up this historical day was another first is a back in the first-ever canonization — reporter: in the first-ever canonization of an american latino st., the pope has canonized father we need better set up — father junipero serra . Schoolchildren greeted the pontiff on his first morning waking up in america. [ cheering and applause ] a sweet sent off as he headed to the south lawn of the white house with adoring crowds. What a beautiful day the lord has made. Reporter: the president striking a spiritual tone. In the generosity of your words and spirit, we see a living example of jesus’s teachings. Reporter: breaking with tradition he spoke in english. I hope to listen to and share many of the hopes and dreams of the american people. Reporter: on our relationship with your — i’m a change is a problem we can no longer leave it to our future generations. [ applause ] reporter: a dialogue on religious freedom. Around the world at this very moment children of god, including christians, are targeted and even kill because of their faith.

Reporter: throughout the day the post — the pope raised the issue of immigration. I see immigrant families — as a son of emigrant families, i am happy to be a guest of this country. Reporter: addressing American bishops he talked about the chapter of the sex scandal. I know how much the wounds of these last few years have weighed upon your spirits. We hope such crimes will never repeat themselves. Reporter: at the same time the inclusion today of retired cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles for his center of mishandling the sex abuse scandal was criticized by the survivors who call this a callous move. They felt the pope’s remarks were insensitive to victims. Or is no word yet on whether the pope will meet with abuse.