Record Cold Temperatures Proves Global Warming Exist

Record Cold Temperatures Proves Global Warming Exist, December 18, 2016. Whenever you try to explain to some idiot about global warming, they deny that global warming exist. Because of record-breaking cold temperatures. But record-breaking cold temperatures, proves global warming exist. Ice has some amazing attributes. When ice melts, it gets colder. It gets colder because the ice is releasing its cold temperature into the atmosphere. It seems to be the opposite of common sense. It seems to be the opposite of critical thinking. But this is science. When ice melts, it releases its cold temperature. That is why we are having record-breaking cold temperatures. Because of global warming. Ice has the attribute to stay at the temperature of thirty-two degrees. When we melt ice, with salt, we can actually lower the temperature far below thirty-two degrees. This is how we make ice cream, with them old-fashioned ice cream makers. We surround the bowl with ice and then we melt the ice with salt. This causes the supercold temperatures needed to make ice cream.

It almost defies logic. But we know that when we pour salt on ice, the ice melts. But does that mean that the ice is getting warmer because it’s melting No, in fact the ice is getting colder when we pour salt on it, because we are releasing its cold temperatures into the atmosphere. This is what’s happening with the earth with carbon. Black carbon from coal, automobiles and factories, is landing on the ice and snow in the north and south poles and causing it to melt. When it melts, it releases its cold temperatures and that’s why the earth seems to be getting colder, rather than warmer. But the cold temperatures are only temporary. Because we know when all the ice melts, it’s going to get warmer and a lot warmer. White snow deflects heat from the sun. If the snow is covered with black carbon, it’s going to attract heat from the sun and melt. A similar experiment can be done with two identical coolers of beer. I’m sure you have done this experiment several times.

Fill one cooler with snow and put some cans of beer on top of it. Let that cooler sit for several hours until ninety percent of the snow melts. Take the other identical cooler, with the same amount of snow and put the same number of cans of beer on top of it. But only wait until one percent of the snow melts in that cooler. Now which cooler is going to have the coldest beer The cooler with ninety percent of the melted snow or the cooler with just one percent of melted snow and beer? Logically you would think that the cooler with no melted snow would contain the coldest beer. But that’s not true, as the snow melts and the cans of beer are surrounded by ice water, they get colder even though most of the snow has melted. Try this experiment with ice cubes. Get one of those thermal temperature gauges that you can point at something to measure its temperature. I think it’s called a temperature gun or a infrayed IR digital thermometer.

Pour salt over one ice cube and check the temperature of the melting ice cube. Compare that temperature, to the ice cube that is not melting, that has no salt on it. Is the ice cube that is melting getting warmer? If it’s melting, logic or common sense would say that it’s warmer. Or is it getting colder, because you are melting it with salt releasing the cold contained in it? That is what we are doing to the earth with carbon. We are covering the ice and snow in the North and South Pole with carbon, causing it to melt and causing record-breaking cold temperatures. But these cold temperatures we are experiencing are only temporary. Because when all the snow melts it’s going to get hot. Just like the beer in your cooler, might be getting colder as the snow is melting, after all the snow is melted, you’re going to have warm beer.

We are having record-breaking temperatures because global warming exists. We all know what’s going to happen when all the ice and snow melts at the North and South Pole. It’s going to get warmer. The record-breaking cold temperatures is proof global warming exist. Just like you know your beer is getting colder as the snow is melting in your cooler. Just like you know that your ice cream is getting colder, because the salt is melting the ice in your ice cream maker. I was debating on what the title this video. I should have called it global warming for dummies. Because the dummies who deny global warming because of record cold temperatures are idiots. Obviously they never drank beer or made ice cream. They never put a digital thermometer on a ice cube being melted with salt. Carbon acts like salt when you put it on snow.

White snow deflects heat, black or darkened by carbon snow attracts the sunlight causing it to melt and release its cold temperature into the atmosphere. That is why we are having record-breaking cold temperatures because of global warming. It’s called climate change, because when we are changing the climate to melt the snow, we are causing it to get colder temporarily, until all the snow melts where it will get hot as hell. It is like putting your beer in a cooler full of snow, pouring salt over that snow to cause your beer to get ice cold. But we all know what will happen to your beer, once all the snow melts. Yes it would temporarily get colder but eventually your beer will get hotter. I really don’t know how else to explain this to idiots that deny global warming, climate change just because it seems to be getting colder outside. If you don’t have the intelligence to figure out that when ice melts at the North and South Poles it causes colder temperate temporarily. But eventually the earth will burn as an oven, because of you stupid global warming deniers.

Yes it will get colder and colder because of global warming and then suddenly when all the ice melts and there is no longer any ice or snow at the north and south poles you’re going to burn baby burn. You will feel the burn. Now take the ice cube challenge if you have one of those digital thermometers. I would’ve even got a couple coolers full of beer to do this experiment and I’m getting sick to try to explain things to idiots. So some of you people take the ice cube challenge and pour some salt over some ice cubes on a YouTube video and measure the temperatures. Do some real-time experiments to show these idiots global warming is real because the ice is melting making the earth colder temporarily. That melting snow, them melting ice cubes will make beer colder just like the polar ice caps melting is making the earth colder, but eventually the beer will get warmer and the earth will get hotter. The colder the temperature gets, the more it proves global warming exist.

Because the ice caps are melting releasing their heat into the atmosphere. This is science. It may not be common sense, it may not be critical thinking but because it is repeatable it is science. Ice cubes will always melt when you pour salt on them and when they melt they will get colder. For just a short time, until they completely melt. God said the day will come when the earth will burn is an oven and we will all know that it is because of the global warming deniers. .