Aerial Seed Bombers Can Plant 1,000,000 Trees Per Day!

Aerial Seed Bombers Can Plant 1,000,000 Trees Per Day! Imagine planting trees to suck up all the carbon dioxide in the air Plants need carbon dioxide! They make sugars with it and that's plant food They can make fruits, vegetables and grains Plants can also use carbon dioxide to make Christmas trees, but would our sorry ass government think of planting Christmas trees, employing people in jobs other than IRS and TSA jobs? Fuck no! They've got a very lucrative heroin business in Afghanistan and they don't want to grow fucking Christmas trees! What type of Christmas tree did you want? 7 ft? 8 ft? That'll be 30 bucks, please! No! Here's a gram of heroin! Give me $1,000 Go out there and hit some old ladies in the head to get the fucking money This government doesn't give a shit! The Bush Crime Family is not interested in frail old ladies who can't walk down the fucking street, without being accosted by some fucking CIA drug addict! Oh, by the way, are you going to vote for fucking Jeb Bush for puppet President? His daddy would be so happy if you would! That's all we need, is another fucking Bush, in the Whore House I mean the White House Clinton turned it into a whore house Sorry for the mistake Speaking of Clintons, would you like to see this witch Hillary win? Be sure to keep plenty of barf bags around the house, so that when they start making speeches at election time, you can barf in the bag and not get the couch all covered with puke! That's my opening! Can you tell that I'm disenchanted with the fucking regime? I'm trying to come out of my shell, but you know it's difficult! I'm at Keelynet.

com One of my hangouts I feel at home here on Jerry Decker's web site He has a scientific mind and I enjoy people with an avid interest in science, but it has to be real science, not that Al Gore crap! This article solves the problem of carbon dioxide in the air Al Gore wants to solve it with yet another God damned tax! If this whore Al Gore were to succeed, the carbon tax would be the first world tax and we need this like Al Gore needs a fucking cheese and pepperoni pizza Look how fat he's gotten since the One World Government gave him $100 million Lay off the pizza, Al Gore you dirty whore! Your global warming bullshit has been exposed and you are a killing bore! You may like bitcoin, but bitcoin hates your fucking guts! Don't try to pretend that you are one of us! We, the people, know which side YOU are on You betrayed us and the world will be better off, when you and your pseudo science are finally gone! You misled the world with your bullshit science You allowed no discussion, because you feared defiance! The earth is heating up, that much is true but that's not because of carbon dioxide, it might be because of Nibiru! Those who put you up to traveling the world with your 'campaign of lies', knew about Planet X for 50 years and by now you should realize that the $100 million they paid you to mislead the people using this 'global warming' propaganda vehicle might be good pay for the lies you tell and I hope they give you living quarters down there in HELL They built those underground bunkers over the past 50 years or so It is now a time of awakening and the people know The dirty lies on the surface are washed away, to clear confused minds As the 'bedrock of truth', is revealed with the 'rains of time' Your punishment is that the people will know the truth and see that you have befriended those who cheated you with a rigged voting booth! They robbed you of the Presidency and what did you do? You accepted blood money from them and a 'global warming' assignment to pursue You denied all who would challenge your conclusions and thought it would disguise The facts in this case and you traveled the world, spreading outrageous, unproven scientific lies Now, you say you like bitcoin and isn't this funny? You invented the internet and this led us to internet money! So actually Al Gore, I'm quite surprised that you aren't telling now that you are the one who is credited for inventing bitcoin, the blockchain and all this cryptographic fun Maybe you haven't thought of it, so we'll give you some time Just change your name to Satoshi Nakamoto and then you can deliver your 'laughable' line I will now read this article and comment The link is on the screen and you will find many great articles there, to inform you!.