Solar Air Heater

Hey everybody uh this heres my first solar air heater that ive built I just wanted to check it out today, its pretty decent out its about 78 degrees um and i just wanna see how its workin and show you guys not direct direct sunlight, a little bit of cloud cover but we'll see what it does uh what i got here its 7 feet tall 41 inches wide got a 3 inch CPU fan rated about 20 CFM with a 10 watt Solar panel pushing it it does alright ya know this is only about 10 cubic feet in here and what ive got I dont have any special stuff in it just some screen sandwiched in there kinda acts as a barrier when the sunlight comes in it will hit that back and once that heat starts goin i wont lose it back out through the glazing thats the thought process behind it the 3 inch inlets bottom and top lets see what kind of temperature we've got See what we've got on the surface 108 ok thats not bad see what we've got pushin out the back..

. hopefully its a good one 156!!! 148 154.4 ok thats not terrible, i'de like it to be a little bit higher but for what it is, its not an elaborate one there aint a bunch of aluminum in it, the only aluminum in it is the screen which is acting more as a barrier than a point of conduction so we'll see what happens i had to buy most of the material, I had all the lumber i just didnt have any of the clear panels and I bought the solar panel off Ebay for $30.00 and I bought the fan off Ebay for like $5.00 The rest i got at the hardware store, I had all the screws I just had to buy the paint and the screen and the panels but it works alright lets do another reading, its a little bit brighter out right now see what we got 156 again 154 again 155 ok well thats not bad like i said its 78. 80 degrees out right now so There it is, I dont have any of my piping hooked up so hopefully it will work a little bit better when its recirculating the air inside the house hell its 78 right now so thats kind of the goal temperature not sure how to figure out how many BTU's ill be getting out of it maybe someone here on youtube can do that cause im not familiar with it but this is just something i wanted to try out and see how it worked cause im always interested in saving money and being a little bit green i guess Alright well I'll talk at ya later!.