Why Climate Change Doesn’t Exist

Hi, and welcome to SCIQ. So its been a month since the surprising and saddening election result came in. And the reality of a Trump presidency just keeps getting worse. As someone who agrees with Barack Obama; that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity, i am getting more and more depressed with where this presidency is heading [Sciq Intro] Recently I was looking at this graph which shows how much longer we can keep emitting carbon into the atmosphere before we hit 1.5 degrees of warming. Now 1.5 is considered to be a reversible situation. 2 degrees is kid of like the upper limit, the last line of defense-defend at all cost. 1.5 degrees is where like 50% of coral reefs will die, there will still be some ice left in the arctic. So its a situation where we can come back from.

We wanna keep warming below 1.5. But according to this graph, we only have 5 years of carbon left if we keep emitting at the current rate and given that Donald Trump already indicated he will do nothing to fight climate change during his presidency that leaves only 12 months assuming he only serves one term left to get the world to zero emissions. this four year period was considered pretty much the last hope we have of mitigating climate change and it was going to take some really strong international relationship, that's pretty much out the window after this election. Keeping climate change within an acceptable limit is largely going to hinge on weather or not we can now convince president elect Donald Trump to reduce carbon emission during his term But Trump has already openly displayed hostility towards the idea of any action on climate change, calling anthropomorphic climate change a hoax created by the Chinese and suggesting he would withdraw United States from the Paris Climate Accord. And this is just not rhetoric.

Trump has already appointed a climate skeptic Myron Ebell to lead the environmental protection agency during his transition period. This shows his hostility towards climate change is more then just rhetoric. So if the whole idea of 'Climate Change' i soon to be become politically toxic how can we as people who care about clean water and fresh air and you know maybe coral reefs that we can visit. How can we convince President Trump that taking action on climate change is a good idea? Hmmmm thats a tough one. Well first of all Climate scientist and the global community are gonna have to stop using our usual lines of argumentation about reducing emissions. Sacrificing now to save the children of tomorrow. to how about a message that resonates with Trump instead of cuts we gotta start talking about growth.

Instead of sacrificing we should talk about winning or instead of reducing carbon emission we gonna have to start talking about building renewable energy. That right,If we gonna have any chance to fight climate change the time has come to focus on renewable energy. Its our way to change the dialogue of climate to Trumps Ideology into strength and independence and making America great again. We have to show Trump that backing renewable energy is not just about saving the climate, its about making america winners in the renewable energy race, its about decreasing our dependence on other nation for energy. And since a lot amount of renewable energy will be about building infrastructure, it definitely fits within Trumps trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Its almost like investing in renewable energy is Trumps idea all along. Its not an ideal scenario, but basically at this point its the only way we are gonna make head way against climate change in Trumps America.

If you care about climate change and you think we need to take action do me this one favor please write to your congressman and ask them weather they are democratic or republican ask them to invest in renewable energy. It doesn't matter if you have to talk about the way it will increase jobs, about how your concerned about Americas dependence on other nation for energy. Whatever you have to do, please write to your congressman and get them to invest and to value renewable energy. This is our one shot guys and its kinda depressing if we don't make us worth. I for one am not willing to wait 4 more years doing nothing on climate change so lets do something together HI everyone! I'm Jayde Lovell, resident science nerd at the Young Turks Network.

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