Eddsworld and TomSka on BBC News

Well, the subject of climate change has provided two young filmmakers from Lincoln with an internet hit. A cartoon they made has been seen by thousands including some of the organisers of next weeks Copenhagen climate conference. They were so impressed the pair were asked to make a video for the opening ceremony. Crispin Ralph has been watching Eddsworld. Err Edd, I don't think we should be using this much electricity. What do you mean? Well, if we keep using this much electricity then the power plants that provide it will have to work overtime and that will result in the excretion of excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses that will travel to the polar ice caps and boil and melt them and cause the sea levels to rise which will ultimately result in the extreme weather changes no doubt causing the earth to both overheat and flood simultaneously. Pfft, don't be silly.

Like our electricity usage alone could cause that. Eddsworld a cartoon communicating with the masses. From his bedroom in Lincoln, Edd Gould is helping to shape the views of the next generation on the controversial issue of climate change. A lot of the people on YouTube don't really think it's a real deal and so hopefully this kind of make someone do a double check and look into it themselves. Holy hot dogs on a toaster it's a giant wave! But it's a wave of opinion which hopes to influence world leaders at the Copenhagen climate change summit. We've gone from entertaining 12-15 year olds in middle America to y'know being watched by world leaders and politicians. Eddsworld has attracted 255,000 views, which beats many children's programs these days on broadcast television.

Look, I might not be around much longer. So, I thought I better call. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, with extra anchovies please. But whilst he waits for his pizza many hope others will be getting the message. I've learnt something today. Crispin Ralph, BBC Look North. Well, in the lead up to that ….