Air Conditioning is Sexist — h3h3 reaction video

(Hila) Woah! Why are you sitting in the dark? (Ethan) Huh? Oh, Hila, turn off the light, man, it's triggering me, dude. (Hila) What's with the trashbag? (Ethan) Hila, the light is sexist, man, I saw it on local news Can you please turn off the light? I'm getting triggered right now Hila! (Hila) I told you not to watch the local news. (Ethan) You know what, Hila? You're triggering me. Okay? Get out. Get out, dude! What are you, some kind of rapist? You call yourself a feminist, you're turning on lights? you're talking shit on the local news? Get out! Hila, you're triggering me, turn off the light! Get out, man! [Intro] "Wow, Ethan, great moves, keep it up! Proud of you." (Ethan) "Sky News", When has there ever been a stupid news report? I don't think I've ever seen a stupid news report. I can help you, you don't need to go to the news for this! You can put video in the se- in the- in the text chat? He just shot him in the DICK! Heh, the news is great. Hey, let's watch another one.

This one's going to be good, I'm sure of it. (Anchor) There I was, thinking it was just me that had a problem, but it turns out it's the air conditioning that's sexist. (Woman) I know. (Ethan) What? Dude, what? Pfft. Why does the air conditioning hate women? That's fucked up. Hey, fucking air conditioning vent, dawg, fuck you dude! Hila's a human being dude, fuck off, dawg. …fucking sexist air conditioning. (Woman) You know, we just sit there, absolutely freezing at our desks, trying to type, and, you can probably tell, I've got a cold right now, which I blame, all on the AC. (Ethan) Fucking AC, dude. You're causing all the problems, dude! You're a sexist, and you cause sickness, man! No wonder my doctor told me I had hepatitis. I was wondering how I got hepatitis, it was from the AC vent. Sorry, Hila, it wasn't my fault that I gave you hepatitis, dude.

(Woman) It's just such a relief to know that there's actually proof that this is happening, that women, you know, do feel the cold more than men. (Ethan) They're kidding right? Uh, come on, this isn't on the news, really, right? I mean this- She's not- She's not serious, right? (Woman) This is happening, that women, you know, do feel the cold more than men. [Woman's complaints overlaying w/ tension building] (Ethan) Isn't it funny that the AC being too cold was the issue that this woman decided to take a stand on? Of all the things in the world… "I'm going on the news to talk about- that the AC is too cold." This is the issue that matters to the world. (Anchor) What I've often found is, you go in, on a really hot summer's day, you're wearing summer clothes. You go into an office, and it's absolutely freezing! (Ethan) What are we talking about here? 22°C? You went on the news to complain about the office being 22°C? What is that, like 75 degrees? "It's perfect weather by 90% of the world population's standards, but I need it to be perfect!" "I wish it was 78 degrees, so I'm going to go on the news and complain about it!" (Woman) You know, we joke at work, that we actually can't dress fashionably any more for summer, because you actually just can't go in sandals, you can't go in, in a summer dress.

because, you're going to have to put on the jumper, or the emergency cardigan. (Ethan) Aww man, you can't dress fashionably to work, you're going to be too cold? You know what sucks? Going to work in a suit, and socks, and like three fucking layers, because there's a dress code for men. I'm sure there's plenty of big, fat, sweaty pig men, who would love to roll up in a sun dress and sandals. And that's why the AC needs to stay at 22. Because I look better than you! And you hate that, don't you? – Come on. – Come on, now. You did this. (Woman) Often in offices, it is men who control temperatures. You know, that's just something I've found, anecdotally. (Ethan) ♫ This is a man's ♫ ♫ AC control. ♫ ♫ Woooah! ♫ As James Brown famously said. (Woman) Because majority of the men in offices seem to be absolutely fine with the temperatures, you know, women just kind of sit there on the corner, feeling absolutely frozen.

(Ethan) She makes it sound like they've got like frostbite, or something. [Shivering] 75 degrees. Has anyone ever experienced this 75 degrees weather before? And all the dudes are just like: Just like, fucking, watching them all die. [Shivering] How could anybody survive in this temperature? (Woman) And, you know, often like, actually, nothing's being done to help them. (Ethan) Why- Why do we not have AC abuse shelters? These women have been abused! We need to get them in saunas, we need government sponsored saunas so that these women can get re- repaired. Any men watching this, you're part of the fucking problem, and no, you don't get your own sauna, bitch! (Woman) It is quite frustrating especially when you then go out, on your lunch break, or your commute home, and you're absolutely boiling.

outside, and… I think there is a bit of a problem when it's warmer outside than it is, inside your office. (Ethan) You just described air conditioning. [Rumbling w/ sharp strings] We need… …a greenhouse, over the whole country! Because sometimes outside, it's b- below 75, and that's unacceptable! The sun is sexist! – And I'm fucking sick of it! You- You piece of shit, dude. Sun, you sexist piece of shit, how dare you make it more than 75 degrees outside? I need to go on the news and talk about how the sun is sexist. (Woman) Nothing is being done to help them. [Rumbling] Which I blame, all on the AC. [Rumbling and violin suspense effect] It is men who control temperatures. [Rumbling and violin] (Ethan) You know what Sky News? Here you go. [outro music] Take a sweater, dude. There you go, no news report. No news report required, story's over.

[yelling] Or you can just uninstall it and reinstall windows! That would be- that would work just fine! [outro music continues] Can you hear me?! Can you hear me, please?! I can help you, you don't need to go to the news for this!.