Climate change hui discusses impact on Māori communities

Climate change affects the world and rising sea levels are a major concern. So what does it mean for Maori, and especially those living in our coastal areas like the East Coast? A conference was held in Paris last year where a unanimous decision was made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And is NZ going to do enough to help slow the situation down? Here's the story. Maori need to be aware of the effects of global warming. Maori are affected in farming, forestry, on the sea, and even in our homes. This is one of the hui on explaining to iwi an international agreement to lower the global temperature average by 2c. We need to understand how we can stop global warming. The Iwi Leaders Forum are steering this hui and will be relaying the feelings of iwi back to the Government. There's no group that will be affected quite like Maori when it comes to global warming.

Iwi understand the causes of carbon emission, and the challenge therein for NZ to quickly turn things around. Cows and horses have always defecated in the rivers. Did we ever see them polluting the water? No. It's with the arrival of Pakeha that "accidental spillages" have become an issue. Pacific Islanders are already suffering the effects, but these residents and kaitiaki are worried about the sea as well. It's an issue everyone has heard about, and this generation seems to want to do something about it for their children's children. Irena Smith, Te Karere..