Just 0.01% of Climate Scientists Reject Global Warming

I've told you the story up how according to an analysis done by National Science Board member James laurence powell ninety-seven percent a peer-reviewed papers support the theory that human activities on earth are affecting the climate while three percent a peer-reviewed journal articles did not support that we now have updated data Louis speaking a day to rage this is definitely data which is going to Amber enrage climate science a deniers the data looking at articles published from November 2012 through December 2013 show that the number of authors a peer-reviewed articles that agree that human activities on earth are impacting the climate has increased listen to this Louis from 97 percent ready to 99 point 99 percent okay there were at nine thousand 136 authors who participated in peer-reviewed articles during that period only one of their rejected the idea if humans impacting the plan and he say will hold on david there may have been nine thousand 136 authors but they collaborated on only 2,258 articles fine let's base the numbers on that in that case there was one article that rejected human influence on climate change making it ninety-nine point five percent who agree and point 5 percent who disagree however Lewis fifty-eight percent a republican congressman deny climate change as a result of human activities and if you turn on corporate media what do you see see fifty fifty you see one person who says yes and one person who says no while the numbers are ninety 9.

5 percent 2.5 percent right so what we need here is there some responsibility from the media corporate responsibility yes you could call it but we don't need any regulation was of course and to be fair there are some Democrats also who dis about climate science but they are a little bit but less staunch about it and far fewer in number but still we we have a serious problem here because when you look at the Science and you look at what our politicians believe and you look at what the corporate media present there is almost no bigger disconnect here then it the only way that this could be worse would be not talking about the story altogether and to be honest as I think about it that might be better because then maybe the data would prevail over these 50/50 false equivalency debates on the three-letter news networks right I was going to say at least we're all talking about it but when it seems like half the people are talking about it or just completely misinformed you maybe it's not helping on the bonus show today we will talk about blum et appearing in New Mexico if you've seen the series Breaking Bad it might be I don't know fiction becoming reality life imitating art or something like that will also talk about a preacher sickened by a fake news show and i know i said it was ending yesterday Louis once again we are extending the half price membership special one more day because the emails are still coming in people are still signing up and they're saying give me twenty four hours to go to David Pakman dot com slash half 14 half 14 and enter the password 2014 2014 we'll take a break it would be great if you remember by the time we finish this show than you could go right into lewis's blum et stories on the bonus show:.