Rush Limbaugh: Hurricanes Are A Liberal Plot!

Here in america, hurricane matthew has fairly miraculously done less damage than a lot of people believed it would, and still believe that it might, because anything can happen. But there are some, especially in the conservative media, who knew all along that nothing was going to happen, and wait until you find out that they were so sure that this hurricane was going to be a relative died ñ although, again, if you refer to our coverage of haiti you will realize it was actually pretty terrible. 1st you were going to have rush limbaugh, who you thought was just a three hour a day gasbag, but turns out he’s an expert on hurricane analysis. I have perfected being able to analyze how hurricanes are being reported. I’ve become an expert in spotting the politics in hurricane tracking and hurricane forecasting. And by that i mean, the national hurricane center is part of the national weather service, which is part of the commerce department, which is part of the obama administration, which by definition has been tainted.

These guys are like climate change

There has now been a study from the pew organization that americans do not believe the consensus from scientist that there are ñ that there is climate change. The left still like that, so they are trying to dammit down their throat. So i have been able to spot where they might be playing games, because it is in the interest of the left to have destructive hurricanes, because then they can blame it on climate change, and desperately continue to sell it. I think i’ve been up to the spot when they tried to make it look like it make ñ like it might hit a population center, because they want people to think this way. Hurricane reported, must be climate change. They want that thought process. Yeah, no no, you know what i pray for every day? Let a giant hurricane hit people who really can’t handle it, because that’s how liberals think. And those bleeding hearts he always talks about, yeah. So now we’re going to get to some people who might not be such bleeding hearts who seem to think this is real. I don’t want to call the people who listen to rush limbaugh stupid, because they are not.

I know people who listen to him and they are good family friends, etc., and they are not dumb people, they are just not aware of the other facts. Are you talking about your stupid family friend? But if that is your only source of news, the thing is connected to the other thing and connected to the other thing and by definition, that is taint. But if you listen to michael mann ñ do you have the michael mann thing? I have to drudge thing. Michael mann the climate scientist. I just want you to give you more context. Video buffering ñ he’s one of the renowned climate scientists in the world, he explained, in order for you to taint all of this stuff, you would have to have the naa and the national hurricane center working in cahoots in real time, because if you were going to change the measurements of the wind, you’ve got to also change the other measurements, otherwise every other scientist that looks at it or any other meteorologist that looks at it will go, wait a minute, that wind doesn’t match the other measurements so something is off. It is inconceivable. And if you understand science ñ so, for example, these guys are like climate change, michael mann is a climate scientist so he is careful.

Once you hear Michael Mann, then you hear rush limbaugh

The hurricane wasn’t caused by climate change, of course you can’t say that with any degree of certainty, but he is plans why it happens. Honestly i did not ask ñ understand it fully until i read this interview. They can document how the water gets warmer and warmer, so okay, we don’t know what happens then. Interns out, in the old days, before climate change got to the point it is at now, hurricanes would dip into the water, and if they dipped in enough, they got cold water and the cold water damage the hurricane. Now they are dipping in and they are only getting warm water, because it is taking a bigger chunk of the water. So then it goes from tropical storm to hurricane category immediately. There is no cold water to dampen the intensity of the hurricane. And michael mann says, do you think we have the two largest hurricanes in recorded history on the two sides of the earth, pacific and atlantic, in the same year, coincidently? Okay? Now, once you hear michael mann, then you hear rush limbaugh, and if you go as rush limbaugh, well then you are stupid.

To be fair, i think you should read all of rush limbaugh’s published works on hurricane science. And then mike drudge, who apparently, people go to his website, he says, the deplorable’s are starting to wonder if the government has been lying to them about hurricane matthews intensities to make an exaggerated point on climate. The other part of it is that they have been gradually raising global temperatures over the past two decades to make an exaggerated point about climate change, which i think is more persuasive. He went on to say that the hurricane center has a monopoly on data and there is no way to verify claims. This reminds me so much of earlier on. It’s seems to have gone away, the conspiracy theories about polling in the general election, that it’s all been manipulated. Anytime someone tells you like how simple the hurricane reporting data is, or polling, they are ignorant as best.

That the hurricane centers are getting reports from president obama that they need to hyped this up, and none of that dita ñ none of the data is ever revealed. And then at the polling that is being done by so many different media companies, but they are all working together and yet we have no indication they are all working together. They want the world to be simple and understandable, but the world is complex, in the same world ñ in the same way that a hurricane is complex. It’s very hard to many play the data in a way that wouldn’t be obvious. First of all, cenk, you need to slow down on all that book learning. Rush limbaugh sound like a guy getting high at night on the internet. Hurricane? Let me tell you what really happened. The government is behind everything, and i say over and over to the right when they say this, i love the power they give barack obama.

Barack Obama is creating hurricanes

They make barack obama the most powerful person on earth, so now, barack obama is creating hurricanes. Why not? He’s done everything else. It really is beyond comprehension, and it’s not just a few people, there are millions of people listening to this. I was reading a story about this woman who lives in a trailer park in florida who was like, i’m not moving, i’m staying here because i don’t believe. Hurricanes and tornadoes look for trailer parks. They literally float around, where those trailers at? That is the first place you leave. I’m listening to rush, he told me this is all a conspiracy, obama is behind it. And i say look, if we lose you, one less vote for trump. The example i use all the time, if you don’t believe in size, you don’t believe in math.

Well at some point, gravity is gravity. You can believe what you want to believe, but trust me, don’t test it. Now we got to this point where people could actually died because of these conspiracy theories. Don’t believe in science, the hurricane isn’t that strong, stay in your trailer park. The sick part is, alonzo was joking around and we are all joking around, but we actually want her to leave and get to safety. Rush does not actually care and he is actively lying to her and endangering her life. It is government to that is noaa, these are the ones who are giving warnings and saving lives. Without government, more people would be dead than are dead right now. So, they can talk about government and how bad government is, but government in this case is saving lives, and the irony here on the political spectrum is, they have an opportunity to book marco rubio and jeb bush as their nominee, and they have this full donald trump, but deb bush, all we want to say about jeb bush, all the things you didn’t like about him ñ everyone ñ a lot of people in florida credit him with overseeing a spectacular effort when there were hurricanes there.

So the whole idea that the democrats are sitting back there in washington, you know, as alonzo was saying, going to these departments and saying do this stuff, it doesn’t do anybody any advantage. Thank goodness the government is there to help people get out of it. Gather thing is, what’s so bad about leaving your house for a couple of days and then the hurricane doesn’t hit, see her house wasn’t destroyed? Video buffering ñ oddly worried about the threat posed by hurricane matthew. As you’ll see here. It’s still time to make a direct hit. Storm force winds slightly further inland, which do cause us concern. We are very concerned about storm surge, and the worst effects are still to come. The worst impact will be saturday through sunday morning, that is heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge. Video buffering ñ i’m really concerned about jacksonville and nassau.

Hurricane matthew will bring very large waves, dangerous surf, and with girls. About 600,000 homes are without power. I cannot stress, if your power goes out, don’t assume it’s going to be turned back on in the next five, 24, or 72 hours. We could have long power outages. We are just now doing the assessments. It’s weird to have these hard right-wing governors, who are pro-trump ñ rick scott and others, saying, you need to leave. And they are working with the liberal conspiracy of obama. As a kid around about that, i thought, you know what? When chris christie, after hurricane sandy hit, worked with obama to make sure people were safe, it must cost him his career on the republican side. It has gotten so insane now where when republican leaders go, this is real now and we are trying to save lives, they go, we are going to marquette against you.

There they go with the liberal conspiracies, trying to save lives..