ClimateChats: Close Climate Change?

Hello and welcome back to ClimateChats. It's been maybe a little over a month since the last ClimateChats video so let's have a quick recap of what's changed. Well firstly obviously my hair has been cut #SadSong there's also being a little thing called Brexit *sobbing uncontrollably* Now I have to admit I've not actually been thinking about climate change that much lately. It feels like there's a lot of more immediate issues. Things like the rise of racism, the refugee crisis, Donald Trump, where to get my hair cut. I actually said this to my token climate change friend… … you know token climate change friends – everyone's got one. To be fair to most of my friends I think I'm their token climate change friend. I'm probably asking for it by calling myself ClimateAdam. Anyway this is what my token climate change friend said when i told them that i hadn't been thinking about climate change that much lately You see climate change will affect pretty much everything we care about now.

You mean..? No not your hair. But things like how much food we can grow, where people can live. And all this feeds into how many people become refugees, how much food costs in the supermarket, how bad inequality is… you name it. But my hair will be fine?! Oh my god. Nobody cares about your hair! And token climate change friend is right No not about my hair but that climate change threatens to make a lot of the things we worry about in the world around us worse. And for this reason lots of people call climate change a threat multiplier because it multiplies the threats that already exists in the world. But that's only half the story. The thing is climate change doesn't just threatened to make a lot of the threats in the world worse in the future.

The fact is it's already making a lot of things worse. We think about trying to change as this far off distant problem which happens far off in the future in some far off distant land to people nothing like us. But the reality is climate change is already here causing big problems for all of us. Take for example extreme weather events which already spoken about before. Extreme weather events are already being made worse and more frequent by climate change. And they're already causing deaths all around the world be that Europe, Africa, Asia, wherever. Some people have even said that drought made more likely by climate change is a was a contributing factor in starting the conflict in Syria. Now of course the conflict in Syria is incredibly complicated and there are so many different factors so we can never really say anything more than that climate change *might* have contributed. But regardless, next time there's a lot going on in the world and climate change seems like a far off distant threat it's important for me to remember two things. Firstly: climate change risks making all those threats in the world that much worse. And secondly: climate change is already affecting the things we care about today.

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