Climate Change Awareness Raising Experiences

Documentary about Awareness Raising Experiences on Climate Change Villagers are expressing their own observations and opinions about the change in weather and effects: The change is slowly, but steady with a high long term impact. Recently the heat during the day increased drastically. Even at night it doesn’t cool off. Developed countries have a lot factories. The pollution from them also affects us here in Cambodia.

Investors should also consider the effects of their businesses and support environmentally friendly investment. These interviewees joined the public awareness raising campaign by Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW). They learned how to reduce the risks of climate change and learn how to mitigate them. The campaign is supported by the “Climate Change Adaptation” initiative, which educates on e.g. water resource management andĀ agriculture production.

This initiative is called ‘”NAPA Follow Up” and lead & facilitated by a number of institutions: the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, UNDP and the Global Environment Fund. The project is set in Kratie and Preah Vihear Province (North Cambodia) and the duration is 18 months, starting in 2011. This project intends to raise awareness on climate change and resulting natural disasters (agriculture, water resource) to the people in the target areas – including the commune council and district and provincial officials. The goal is to include climate change issues in their development plans. The project evaluates the initial awareness of villagers by interviewing them and leading group discussions, using a participatory approach. In total there are 217 families in Kratie and Preah Vihear Provinces. All related provincial institutions – District Officer, Commune Council – used the data from the interviews to analyze and discuss them with representatives from the target villages and local NGOs. The idea is to develop the best strategy to raise awareness on climate change.