Jimmy Bob explains global warming with icebergs

Hey it's Jimmy Bob here and I wanted to show you somethin I think is absolutely redicoulus. Check out all this ice and these hippie dippies tryin to tell us that it's global warmin. Last time I checked ice didn't melt when it gets warmer. I mean who they tryin to fool? All them 97 out of 100 scientists. Bunch of nerds. Who gives a damn what a bunch a nerds thinks anyway? Not like we can do anythin bout this. This isn't our problem. WOOOWEEE!! Check out that destruction happnin in that there water iceberg. I love seein things fallin apart cause who douden't wanna see somethin like that. That's just nature doin it's thing. Ain't like we have any kind of affect on nature do we? Hi my name is Shane and ya we do have a huge affect on nature. Everywhere you look pretty much whether it's a building, a road, a street light or a field growing food. Human beings have affected nature quite a bit. But the reality is that we've done it in a way which is actually taking from nature. And what I do is green buildings and you know the thing is that right now, construction is something which is not exactly good to nature.

But the reality is that we can actually build buildings that give back to nature. You know this is something that we need. We need places to live, we need places to play and work and why wouldn't we put our energy and time as a society into infrastructure like our homes, our buildings that actually give back to nature. So if you're interested in this and actually solving the problem of global warming and those icebergs and stuff, you know we can actually do things. Most laws aren't going to allow you to do that (by default). But if you understand that things are done to minimums and you know who to engage with you can actually make a difference. So come to FutureProofMyBuilding.com that's my website and join my mailing list, download the ebook. I'll send you all kinds of information that will show you what can make your building, your home more energy efficient so that we can actually start fixing these problems and doing what we can to make the world a better place. So please share this with your friends because you know what, it's up to us. Thank you.

And by the way if you are one of them hippie dippie do lovers who is out given them free hugs and tryin to save the planet and do somethin right for people, you should definitely share this if you think it's funny and something that can actually solve the problem. Because that's what we gotta do is start solvin these problems okay? Share this video. Business in the front, party in the back. Let's do this..