Climate Change Forecast Northern US City

Rochester’s a funny place to be thinking about climate change. We’re far from the ocean, so we won’t be affected by sea level rise, and we’re on the shores of lake ontario, so it is notoriously cold and snowy. – Could there be a region that actually benefits, that dodges the bullet? would it be at all bad if we replaced this… With this? So what would we get in rochester, new york? – So far, rochester has seen only modest increases in temperature, but that is going to change in the near future. In the next 40 years, things will get warmer, no matter what we do. It’s too late not to have to adapt. In fact, the fate of the lilacs, and so many other natural systems you might not even know were at risk, rests largely on the choices we make today. This red line represents business as usual if we do the same things tomorrow, as we’re doing today.

This leads to about a 10-degree rise in local averages by the end of the century. But this orange line represents a possibility of lower emissions and lower temperatures. This leads to about a 5-degree rise in temperatures by the end of the century. We get here if we make a lot of changes. – Here’s another way to look at the forecast. If we take the orange, low emissions path, our climate will feel like we have moved to Virginia. If we do nothing, and take the higher emissions path, our climate will feel like we have moved to Georgia.