How to Make a Difference

One thing I would say is that it’s necessary to listen to people you disagree with. That’s a more powerful action than people think it is. And if you care about the climate issue it is something we absolutely have to do because so much of the way our society is built is designed to create this harm and we just didn’t realize it when we were designing this civilization over thousands of years. One thing that we like to say in Citizens Climate Lobby is that you have to step outside your comfort zone.

You have to be willing to do the thing that’s not, you know, sitting at your computer in your pajamas liking on facebook. That’s nice, but that is not going to to fix the climate. So It’s necessary to find that thing that lights you up, that makes you feel that you’re doing something that’s personally valuable that uses your talents that is relevant to your world but is also a little bit uncomfortable – that’s not the thing you would do if you just were feeling like having a relaxing day.

You’re stepping up into the world and you’re saying I’m going to be a citizen and I’m going to participate and you know, I’m going to explain to you or I’m going to explain to my lawmaker or I’m going to you know publish a paper when I wasn’t a researcher before whatever it is you’re stepping outside your comfort zone to make a contribution and I think the more people do that in a respectful in collaborative way more the more likely we are to get there.