Greenpeace Directors Bunny & Jennifer introducing themselves to volunteers

Hi, my name is Patryk and I work as a volunteer for Poland. My question to you is "who are you?" and "what was your journey until now?". I am Jennifer and my journey is that I have been a climate activist in various incarnations for 20 years, working with cities, working with other NGOs, working inside the system, outside the system but I am here at Greenpeace because I think that we need to change the power dynamics around the world, to shift and bring people into the picture more and I think Greenpeace is the best place to do that. Hi there, my name is Bunny. I have been in Greenpeace for quite a long time and I started off on the ships and I have worked in lots of different places in Greenpeace, including lots of different countries and in lots of different roles. I have also worked on many of the campaigns from oceans to climate to toxics over the years that I have been in Greenpeace.

And I am really excited to be here working in a two-some in a shared leadership role, and I think together with everybody else in Greenpeace, including our volunteers and supporters, we can make a really big difference over the next ten years. Hi, my name is Coralie I work as a volunteer for Greenpeace Canada My question to you is "Have you ever been a volunteer and if so what was your experience as a volunteer?" BUNNY: My very first job in Greenpeace was as a volunteer. I was a volunteer on the ships and I loved it. It was a really good example and a really good experience. Such a good experience that I am still here almost 30 years later. I have also worked as a volunteer in other organizations as well in my spare time and it has always been an incredibly positive experience and I have also loved it because it has always been my choice about where I was going to put my time.

That is what I love about the volunteering experience. JENNIFER: So, I have been a volunteer over the years for a range of different causes. It has mostly been related either to working in soup kitchens in Washington D.C. around… especially with homeless which it has been such a massive problem there or organizing against the Iraq war at various times. And I… just have…it helped me feel not so alone, it helped me feel empowered, that I was doing something with amazing people. And…yeah, it just brought a lot of both worth to myself and built relationships with other people that have lasted a long time. My name is Belgis, I am a volunteer from Indonesia. My question to you is: "what is the role and importance of volunteers inside Greenpeace, according to you?" Thank you! JENNIFER: So "what is the role of volunteers in Greenpeace according to me?" Well, I think volunteers are the life blood of Greenpeace. They are why Greenpeace in a way is relevant in the world. It is one of the reasons I came to Greenpeace.

So, it is really meaningful to me because I wanted to work in an organization that is connected with real people who are on the ground, trying to make change and I think it is…volunteers are really a bridge in between kind of the world that we live in and things on the ground. So, we need to hear from volunteers and you know… it is shared leadership as well. Bunny and I are working together on shared leadership, but that leadership goes all the way throughout the organization and also it is really something we see coming from volunteers. BUNNY: Greenpeace has been built on volunteers. It is how it started and it is extraordinary how many people actually come to Greenpeace as a volunteer initially, even if they, some of them end up doing that work for Greenpeace in staff positions.

But I have worked with volunteers in Greenpeace who have been on their 80s and volunteers who have been 13 and 14, so it encompasses a really broad range of ages and all kinds of diversity, so the kind of perspective volunteers bring is really important because it is much more diverse than our actual staff is, so it brings into the organization a really big range of thinking and ideas. And we are something like 40.000 or close to 40.000 volunteers in the organization, which is actually really massive compared to how many paid staff we have. So, I think the kind of work that we can do with and through volunteers just makes the kind of work that Greenpeace is doing so much bigger and so much more impactful. So they are incredibly important to Greenpeace and how successful we are going to be as a group of people..