Unstoppable Solar Cycles – Debate

LEGATES: The one thing I've learned over about 30 years of study of the climate has been it's a very complicated system. We like to simplify it for discussion with students, with laypersons, but it's really a very complicated system. BETH: This is the challenge. Do we really understand what’s happening? We are urged to accept just one theory — that human-generated CO2 is the principal cause of global warming. Yet these and other scientists point to other possible causes. The journal Physics and Society, which is a publication of The American Physical Society with a membership of over 50,000 physicists, now welcomes debate of the question. (Music) Scientists are also expressing concern about the distortion of the science. (Music) SOON: Those views are indeed promoted by political bodies which is the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change. And there appears to be a corrupted process, in my opinion, of the bodies. LEGATES: There’s a science document which is really written by scientists, for scientists. There’s also a summary for policymakers.

It’s put together by policymakers and in many cases they go back to the scientists and say, “Can you change the science document to match our summary? We want to beef this up. We want to make it look worse.” That’s not the way science is done. SOON: I think science and scientists are being misused in a lot of ways. And these are all becoming really the war of words instead of war of evidence and science. That troubles me. LEGATES: So the idea of science is you're really supposed to be skeptical. So there's always a quest to verify what we know, to understand that we haven't made a mistake and that we continue on and develop science. If we've closed our minds – if we close the doors – we are now shutting ourselves out from the real truth which is what science is all about after all..