Volunteer with Greenpeace: Join Greenpeace Greenwire!

One of the great things about Greenpeace Greenwire is that it can connect people that don't know one another that want to work toward the same goals. It's been my goal to try to connect people as quickly as possible, so that we can stop global warming. Since I started with Greenpeace two years ago, I've been getting signatures from influential people in the community to protect the arctic. So, I've been in contact with some mayors, some city commissioners, my campus president… Right now we're trying to build support on campus for sustainable tuna. So this past week, we've been photo petitioning in the student union, so we can show the dining service director the faces behind the movement on campus. One of the things that I really like about Greenpeace, is that they train you in the skills that you need. Greenpeace, it's much more than taking care of the environment.

It taught me a lot of stuff about life in general. The social life, it kind of evolves around the environmental movemnt that's why I have most of my friends! I met them through Greenpeace, and we all call each other family. We use Greenpeace Greenwire in a couple different ways on campus. We really encourage all our volunteers to make a profile so they can connect to different organizations across the country. We've been doing national hangouts. I can meet people from New York, Texas, California… It's amazing! I peronally use it as a way to connect to my fellow activists. It's a good way to stay in contact to see what they're doing on their campus or community. You can also post your events on Greenpeace Greenwire, so then you can recruit people in your community that you might not know. It can zoom in to your community and see that, oh! There's an event happening in a city close by! I should go to that! Or I should contact people running the event and get involved! So it really enables volunteers to see what's already happening around them instead of having to make the movement happen themselves.

Save the arctic! Being a Greenpeace volunteer has been wonderful for my family. It's been really wonderful to watch my dad and my kids kind of bond over creating a better future for the world..