Explaining Global warming to kids!

Hey kids! today i'll be teaching u guys about Global warming and Greenhouse effect Wait, are you the girl from my last video? Uhh…no? Before we talk about global warming, I shall introduce you these chemical compounds The first one, O3, this is what our ozone layer mainly made out of. It protects us from the sun's Ultra Violet Radiation by absorbing it. Oooohhh Yeah we know that ok? But i didn't know abou- Shut up And the next one CO2, everybody knows Carbon Dioxide right? Yeah it's the gas we produce when we breath Das Right Cars and bikes produce those too! Correct! Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas on earth as the name CO2 suggests, it's made of 3 atoms One Carbon atom and two Oxygen atoms and Carbon Dioxide makes up .04% of our atmosphere and it freezes at about- Anywayyyss The CFC! aka- Aka Clorofluorocarbon They are the main cause of Ozone depletion and CFCs are used in manufacture of aerosol sprays and refrigerants.

for instance, Air Conditioners, Fire extinguishers Spray cans and older version of fridge. The man who had the most impact on earth is Thomas Midgley Jr. Because of his invention of the first commercial CFC – Freon It was used in the products I just mentioned and almost anywhere u need to inert gas. WoW U R SMART! WANNA MEKOUT? What? Hey you! I'm supposed to be the one teaching okay? and you should keep quite while im talking! sigh, lets continue. this is where out Ozone layer is. Yeah whatever, what i really wanna talk about is Greenhouse effect. When the sun shine towards earth, the solar radiation will be reduced by several things First, the Ozone layer absorbs the Solar radiation and then most of the radiations are reflected back to space by the clouds the remaining radiations that passed through the clouds will be scattered around by the dusts in the air so when it reaches the ground, there are only 48% radiation left.

Are you guys still keeping up? can i catch Deoxys in Stratosphere? UHhh no, you need to go higher. My boyfriend called me so i gotta go. You are supposed to be 12! can you just continue already, don't waste my time. *sigh* So after the earth absorbs the radiation, it will emit it back to the sky, then, the moisture and Carbon Dioxide in the air will trap the heat and forward it back to earth. thus keeping us warm, this is called Greenhouse effect. So in conclusion, Ozone layer and Clouds played a big role absorbing and reflecting Solar radiation while water vapors and Carbon Dioxide keeps us warm. And that's why deserts which are scarce in clouds and low in moistures have such dramatic change in temperature between night and day. Get it kids? So can i catch Jirachi in Stratosphere? No, u wait for events. Or u can just cheat. Cheat? Yeah, u just need to buy Powersa- Wow Don't Listen To Him! Anyways..

. Our earth is getting hotter and hotter every year It's because of our transports and factories are mass producing carbon dioxide. and the more Carbon Dioxide in the air, the more heat will be stored and redirected back to earth. So kids, are we clear? I kinda knew all of that already. Great. I'm still newww can i catch Groudon in Melemele Island? You, are as smart as Ash can be….