Hitler Denial: cartoonist Stuart McMillen discusses his climate change comic

G'day, I'm Stuart McMillen, and thanks for reading my comic Hitler Denial. Now, as I shoot this video, we are in the lead-up to an important global climate summit that will happen in Paris in December 2015. And as you probably know, the climate scientists are telling us that we need to cut our CO2 emissions within the next two or three decades to avoid overshooting 2ºC of global warming. Now I'm here at Parliament House in Australia, and unfortunately the leaders of my country… …like the leaders of all countries are currently proposing weak emission reduction targets. So, the climate scientists are telling us that we need to cut by 80, 90 or 100%… …but the leaders are proposing cuts of 20, 30, or 40%. In other words, the leaders are only proposing token gestures. They're shooting so low, that our actions will do nothing to solve the problem. Now look, of course if you talk to the politicians about this they'll say, "well, we're just proposing realistic solutions!" But what does that word 'realistic' actually mean? If you ask me, what's "realistic" is just what's convenient to the people who are comfortable with the business-as-usual status quo.

And of course, what's "realistic", what's "unrealistic" is heavily dependent upon the assumptions… …that go into the spreadsheets, that go into the models that the economists use when the economists advise our politicians. And I think on this matter, the economists are showing just how little they understand about the physical word that surrounds us. They're showing how ignorant they are of the threat that climate change poses to our civilisation. So what do I know? I know that the climate scientists are telling us that we need to make the cuts. I know that the engineers are telling us that we can make the cuts. But the engineers are also telling us that they need the permission, they need the funding of the politicians in order to start rolling out their technologies on a big scale. So what I'm saying is, in the lead up to the Paris climate summit, we need our politicians to start acting like leaders. We need our politicians to be like Winston Churchill.

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