Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety is Pro Snow

Snow: Oh, did you race GS all growing up or — Ted: Mostly yes, GS and slalom races. Snow: Heh. You were just crushing everybody… right? Ted: No, I never won really. I didn't really win until I was like, 18, or so. Snow: Oh dude, don't feel bad. Snow: Do you know what I was doing during my teenage years? Snow: I was filtering through Detroit sewer systems. So — you know — we both… Snow: Let's just say we've both come a long ways. Ted: The 2013 season was amazing year with uh, winning three world championship gold medals was something that was definitely far beyond my expectations and then winning 6 Giants on this year and uh it was just, it was amazing year. Snow: Ugh, that's awesome! Um..

. Snow: yeah you know for me 2013.. uh… not — Snow: Not the best year. Um, had a lot of — lot of good friends, close friends, Snow: Melt way before their time, so… Snow: Oh, I'm sorry dude, I'm such a (bleep)! Snow: This is my stuff. I should be — I should be a better friend to you. Ted: Ha ha ha. Snow: Yo Ligety, drop that beat. Ted: Brr! Snow: A-one-two, A-one-two… Yo, my name is snow And my beats got flow And yo these winters gettin' hotter case you didn't know So if you want to keep skiing All over my face, you better spread the climate message all over the place! Snow: Uhhh! Snow: Give it up, yo, for Ted Ligety on the thigh drums! Ted: Ha ha ha! Snow: Ow! (Beatboxing).