Climate Change Wiped from White House Records

>> Kait: So Trump has held true to his word of denying climate change with his first stop being the White House Website. >> Chris: Which should not be a surprise what so ever. >> Kait: Not at all. So according to PRI, shortly after Trump was inaugurated all mentions of the phrase climate change have been wiped out. So, I actually tested this. I went to the White House website a couple of days ago and I typed in climate change and only two links came up for me. None of which were related to the environment. One was, like, the change of something, but I don't know what we are changing, and the other the climate of a state. Like oh it's a beautiful climate in the state. >> Chris: It's a good thing you don't work for the state of Florida. And we're, ah, right now in Washington because otherwise. >> Kait: Because you could be arrested. >> Chris: Ya, you could be arrested for mentioning climate change.

Maybe Trump will make the whole nation that way. You know. >> Kait: Oh great. Don't give him any ideas. He could be watching this. So, instead of climate change being on there Trump has put his own future plans on the website. Those include… In the proposal, Trump commits to elimination the Climate Action Plan, a sweeping set of policies aimed at cutting carbon pollution, including a number of President Barack Obama's executive actions. Trump also promises to eliminate the Waters of the United States rule, a technical document that defines which waterways come under the jurisdiction of federal regulations under the Clean Water Act. The 2015 rule is intended to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands from development and has drawn sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers and from the farm and manufacturing interests. So, these are not the only ones that he put on the website. Those are just a few that we wanted to mention.

But, ultimately this really comes at no surprise. I mean he mentioned it in his campaign. But, he also nominated Scott Pruitt to be his head of EPA. And, we all know how much Scott Pruitt just loves the EPA. He loves them so much that he sued them 13 times. And when he was, you know, I think it was Oklahoma. >> Chris: Ya >> Kait: He actually removed the EPA from his own state. >> Chris: Well, it's funny because during his own nomination process that was a hot topic was the EPA. >> Kait: Yes. So, [laugh] this is really bad news. I mean ultimately Trump is, you know, is trying to make moves to shut down the EPA but the Washington Times spoke out about their joys of the fact that the EPA's trying, going to be shut down by saying….What great news for an agency with a history of executive overreach and lawlessness (using the Clean Power Plan to wipe out the coal industry, expanding its authority to lay claim on any pond or waterway, colluding with the environmental groups to expand their own power through rule-making).

So, some people are celebrating. >> Chris: Ya. Ya, definitely some people are celebrating. >> Kait: I'm not celebrating. >> Chris: It's not like the EPA does ton of stuff for us. >>Kait: Ya. >> Chris: They just sit around sucking us dry. >> Kait: I know. >> Chris: They're like the lazy people… >> Kait: With their 8 billion, you know. >> Chris: Ya >> Kait: Drain on our money, you know…. Blah blah blah. I mean it doesn't make sure we have clean water or that the entire United States doesn't turn into LA with all the smog and air pollution. >> Chris: Exactly. It's not like they have regulation that specifically states that we have to have clean air, clean water, clean lands. That we have to restore the lands that we have used for mining or for fracking. >> Kait: Or monitor and create Superfund sites so that more people don't get sick. >> Chris: Nah, they don't do any of that. Nothing.

>> Kait: Oh no. And they don't even hold the rules for the emissions of the cars so that we have more electric vehicles or anything like that. They don't do any good. Their just a drain. >> Chris: Completely. Completely a drain. >> Kait: So, I don't know what's going to happen if Trump follows through with this but ah, ya. >> Chris: Well, climate change is ah Chinese hoax. >> Kait: Oh I know right. >> Chris: At least that is what Trump tells me. Is that, and I believe everything that he tells me. Everything. He has pretty big hands. >> Kait: [laughing] So, ya, let's just keep an eye on this. I mean nothing has fallen through altogether. A lot of it, there is going to take a while to cut it all back. I mean at first he was just talking about cutting it back a little bit, maybe even just 10%.

I'm not really sure. I mean Scott Pruitt might be in his ear talking a lot. But ah, just keep an eye out. Heard though. and I don't know how accurate this is. If we have information we will put it on our website. But, there might actually be an Earth, a rally Earth march on Earth day. To help to protect the environment. So, keep a look out about that event. Try and see if there is anything in your area. But, um, that is definitely I think something we should do if this is happening. >> Chris: Definitely, definitely think so. >> Kait: And if you like this content and want to hear more please subscribe to us..