Calling Kansas City

(music playing) Mr. Earnest: So the President's going to go to Kansas City to do something he's been doing in communities all across the country. The President loves getting 10 letters a night that he reads every night where he can hear from every day Americans about how they're affected by the policies that he's fighting to implement here in Washington, D.C. So the President's been traveling across the country meeting with these individual people who have written him letters. He's going to do the same thing in Kansas City. As somebody who was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, it is a thrill to pick up the phone and invite people who have written a letter to the President of the United States and let them know that when the President's coming to Kansas City, they get to have dinner with him. (phone ringing) Female Speaker: Hello? Mr.

Earnest: Hello, is this Becky? Female Speaker: Yes, it is. Mr. Earnest: Hey, Becky. This is Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Female Speaker: Hi, Josh Earnest. Mr. Earnest: How are you? Hey, Mark. It's Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Hey, Victor. It's Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Hi, Valerie. This is Josh Earnest calling from the White House. Well, so you know that I'm the Press Secretary at the White House. Female Speaker: Yes, I do. Mr. Earnest: And I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Female Speaker: That's what I hear. Mr. Earnest: Yeah. So I am really excited that the President of the United States is coming to my home town. I'm calling to see if you have time on Tuesday night to meet the President for dinner and talk about your letter. Male Speaker: Oh, wow.

Okay. Mr. Earnest: After reading your letter, the President said "You know what? I want to meet this woman. I want to go have dinner with her when I get into Kansas City on Tuesday." So — Female Speaker: Are you serious? Mr. Earnest: Yeah. How — Female Speaker: Oh, my God. Mr. Earnest: How would you feel about that? Female Speaker: Oh, my God. I would love it. Are you — oh. Mr. Earnest: We've been reading your letter at the White House. Female Speaker: Why? Mr. Earnest: And — well, it's such a good letter. In fact, I'm not the only person who thought your letter was really good. Barack Obama, the President of the United States, thought your letter was really good and he wants to meet you. So would you be willing to have dinner with the President on Tuesday night? Female Speaker: Oh, yes. Yes. Mr. Earnest: Does that sound like fun? Female Speaker: That sounds like a blast. Mr.

Earnest: (laughs) No place is more like Kansas City in embodying the kind of spirit in which people recognize that we're all in this together. That if our community can be pulling in the same direction, that despite our differences, we can all succeed. It sounds like you're doing amazing things in the community and we are so impressed by what you've done and, like I said, it's not just me who feels that way. The President wants to meet you firsthand and to express his gratitude firsthand, too. Male Speaker: This is one of those times that, you know, for a guy like me — thank yous don't come around very much. (laughter) Mr. Earnest: You have earned this kind of recognition because of what you're doing in your community. So we're really proud of you and you certainly make me proud to be a Kansas City native and I'll tell you that.

Female Speaker: I am just amazed that little bitty old me is going to get this chance. Male Speaker: I've see so many people that were affected by not having healthcare coverage and having to make a choice between eating or, you know, that lifesaving treatment. And at that point, I was like "Man, I gotta — I gotta say something." Female Speaker: I wrote it in the middle of the night. Mr. Earnest: Yeah? Female Speaker: I just — I've — I'm really trying. I mean, I could talk for an hour about all the stuff that I'm trying to do because I can't work any harder. I have to work smarter. Jsoh Earnest: Well, look. I think the experience that you've had is not different than a lot of other people. They just want to be heard. Female Speaker: Yeah. Mr. Earnest: And they just want to know that somebody out there is trying to look out for them and somebody out there is fighting for them. And when the President goes to bed at night, or I guess more appropriately, the President wakes up in the morning and he walks over into the Oval Office, it's people like you who've written letters just like this.

Those are the people that the President has in mind. Those are the people that the President's fighting for. Female Speaker: I am so happy. I am so blessed. Mr. Earnest: Oh, well that's — I know the President is really excited to meet you. So I — he can't wait for Tuesday night. Female Speaker: You bet. And thank you so much. Mr. Earnest: Okay. All right. Thanks, Becky. Have a good day. Female Speaker: You, too. Bye-bye. Mr. Earnest: Okay. Talk to you later..