Paris climate agreement clears final hurdle to implementation

One of the major issues at the United Nations this week is tackling climate change. The landmark Paris climate agreement passed the final hurdle to implementation,… coinciding with a new report on countering climate hazards. Oh Soo-young reports. The Paris climate agreement will enter into force on November 4th,… becoming the first universal treaty on combating climate change. The UN confirmed on Wednesday that the landmark deal will be ratified by the European Union, Canada and Nepal,… surpassing the threshold of countries accounting for 55 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions needed for the treaty to take effect. The main goal of the agreement is to keep the rise of global warming to below two degrees Celsius… while trying to limit the figure to one-point-five degrees Celsius. It also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to carbon reduction goals specified by each member state.

The deal was reached in December last year by 195 parties to the UN conference on climate change. Since then, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has pushed for its rapid implementation as a crucial part of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals,… which aim to improve lives across the world through positive changes in health, education, income and the environment. In a new report released Monday, the UN said more than four-point-two billion people have been affected by weather-related disasters in the last two decades. Developing countries incur the biggest losses,… with hurricanes, drought and other climate hazards resulting in environmental and socioeconomic consequences,… and knocking off about 5 percent of GDP. The report stresses the need for governments to produce more transformative policies. “Transformative policies are the kind of policies that help build their resiliencehelp , close inequality gaps, provide access to financial services, to diversification of livelihoods, quality education, health and social security.

” The next climate conference will be held in Morocco on November 7th,… when countries will report on their emissions reduction goals and national climate plans. Oh Soo-young, Arirang News..