Climate Change Info-graphic Video | Abhineetam Chaurasia | Ace Alchemy

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! Climate is defined as the general weather pattern over a region for a long period of tim A notable change in climate, is very slow, but when it is observed for a long period of time, we get some interesting results. Now if you look at the temperature increase over the last 13 decades, you will find that earth has warmed approx. 0.85 degree Celsius. With that kept in mind, our last few decades have be warmer than average consecutively. Most of us are generally aware of changes in geographical conditions due to climate change like melting of polar ice caps, leading to rise in water level and shrinking coastlines. But today! We are going to focus on something less talked about: HUMAN HEALTH. Rise in temperature contributes directly to diseases from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases “According to French Institute of Health: more than 70 000 excess deaths were recorded during the heat-wave of summer 2003 in Europe”.

Variation in temperatures also leads to variable rainfall patterns. At some places it leads to water scarcity and in other, floods. Both in the end lead to poor hygiene and multiple health related illnesses. WHO assesses that climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050. All populations will be affected by climate change. People living in small islands, Children and Elderly people in developing nations and Polar Regions are particularly vulnerable. To counter these problems, many policies and individual choices have to be made in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.In 2015, the WHO Executive Board endorsed a new work plan on climate change and health. This includes: Partnerships, awareness raising and support for implementation of the public health response to climate change. We need to promote cleaner energy systems, and safe use of public transportation and active movement – such as cycling or walking as alternatives to using private vehicles, etc.

So let us reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you..