The Global Warming Act: Massachusetts In The Lead

Having come to politics sort of through the activists a policy side of things I knew that this bill was out there there’s a bill called the global warming solutions act and only five other states have passed similar legislation the bill was basically dead on arrival those basically said %um a bunch of my friends who were on the outside of politics the activist community %uh and and I and some good-hearted legislators they really care about these things back together then we decided to on pull it out of the mud and we did and we work for the speaker’s office we held a press conference on the state house stairs and %uh inside the grand staircase and got a lot of attention got a lot of press and lo and behold on the last day of a formal session July thirty first this legislation was passed leading up to that I was able to give my maiden speech on this where I spoke about them the greens not the green jobs that comes something that that that means that a carbon cap would generate and moving us towards a green economy 0:01:12.510,0:01:15.

110 a personal highlight and something good for the commonwealth as well as well the point the point i’d like to make though is that it really has to be a model and be applied elsewhere though as on Massachusetts cannot solve this on global problem on our own on okay so said that it’s not easy being green thank goodness process and you practiced on okay that this legislative session actually broke a lot of ground in non Massachusetts by history this has been reduced %uh section %uh played by many measures %uh we are the envy of on of other states we care about these things we passed the green communities act which was an energy bill and and I will give caveat that none of these pieces of legislation were perfect but as a whole a big step in the right direction on the economy green communities acts on had of things for green buildings and down and it’s clear are energy sources Oceans 0:02:18.

170,0:02:19.270 Act provided sort of in overlay for establishing renewable energy of wind farms in our seas also protecting parts of our coastline that needs protection %um green energy biofuels act that’s pretty self-explanatory and global warming solutions act and then a separate out publicly job back so they had basically five pieces of legislation %uh the boston globe %uh have a little fun that picture there’s actually from the boston globe the state house turning green and they had a little bit of fun with comparing California to Massachusetts and they made a lot out of of arnold schwarzenegger and our governor deval Patrick having this green competition between them and their deputies their secretaries of energy arm wrestling to see who is the greenest state and that’s what I call a healthy competition that I think we’ll be okay the whole on experience it from from ten years ago eleven years ago when people’s when they mentioned global warming people would look at me like I had twelve heads and this is adecade later it needs to happen faster but the progress is notable and %uh moving in the right direction so I am very hopeful .