4 From Perfect Earth to Chaos, Darkness and the First Ice Age

4 From Perfect Creation to Chaos and Darkness and the 1st Ice Age What happened? Genesis 1:2a But the earth became formless and void (Hebrew – tohu wabohu), and darkness was over the surface of the deep; The dark and dramatic tone of verse 2 is in contrast to the positive statement of verse one where God created the heavens and the earth. Since we know God is perfect and His work is perfect, then we know the earth was not created imperfectly. Check out the verses down below. Yet Genesis 1:2 pictures an earth which had become a totally different place than what God had originally created. It is clear the earth had undergone a cataclysmic change -from a fully formed and perfect planet to barren waste dump. Tohu wabohu always depicts the results of divine judgment. Question: What prehistoric judgment could have so devastated the planet? Answer: The Wars of the Universe Angels had free will. The volition of Angels was tested. Would they, with their own free will, serve and obey God or rebel against Him? Remember, it was Lucifer, the most powerful and brilliant of all the Angels, who wanted to overthrow God.

One third of the Angels decided to followed Lucifer, now called Satan. In judgment God cast down Satan along with his fallen Angels to one tiny planet in the universe, earth. The wars of the universe began with earth as the central battlefield. The earth became a place of total destruction. Check this out: God, of course, won the wars and convened a trial to judge the fallen Angels. In perfect justice and righteousness God pronounced Lucifer guilty and sentenced him and all the fallen angels to eternity in the Lake of fire. Fact: God’s judgment also included turning off the lights in the universe, where the angelic wars were fought. Fact: Absence of light means absence of heat. Without heat the waters covering the earth were frozen. Fact: After Satan’s armies destroyed the planet, God flooded the surface, then packed it in ice. Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, the earth was packed in ice. Beneath the ice everything was chaos (tohu wabohu); above the ice, darkness.

The Divine Viewpoint: Darkness and chaos still exist in the world in the form of evil. Watch your TV. Don’t turn off your common sense. To have peace and security, often, you have to choose to fight for it..