GoECOlife GXC180TA 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Green Commercial Shredder

Hi I'm Holly with Mono Machines and this is the GoECOlife GXC180TA CrossCut Shredder. It's an eco friendly shredder designed for small office use. So come on in check it out. You can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at one time. We have got a 9 inch wide throat and here is a unique feature, this is carbon neutral, okay. It goes into energy saving mode after 30 minutes of idle time completely shuts off as if it were unplugged from the wall. Here is another unique feature, voice assist. Say we want to shred some paper, for some reason it's not working. Alright what we are gonnna do is go up here to the info button, it's blinking that tells us there is something wrong. She says the door is open, you want to close that door, you will be able to shred away. This guy is on casters for easy mobility and down here we have a unique T door design for easy access to our 7 gallon bin and a lovely cross cut shred. This guy also comes with a 12 pack of lubrication sheets.

GoECOlife is pioneering a new generation of ecofriendly shredders. Protect your identity and the environment. Thanks for watching, I'm Holly with Mono Machines..