Top 5 Ideas For Renewable Energy Of The Future

Hi! I'm Eugene! Welcome to my video presentation today we are exploring the top five ideas for renewable energy of the future we are really fortunate to be alive at this point of millennium we get to witness first-hand the transformation of the world powered by dirty fossil fuels to a planet to gets it's power from clean renewable sources so now these are the top five potential energy sources of tomorrow number 5 tidal power in the early days people only interested in wind and solar energy this caused the tidal energy industry to be severely neglected however some technological advancement this tidal energy systems grow to become highly efficient for one, meet "oyster" a tidal energy system that produces a staggering 2.

5 megawatts of electricity from a hinge flap that is attached to the ocean floor as it opens and closes, it pumps high pressured water on shore driving a conventional hydroelectric turbine, just one "oyster" could power a small town town or approximately 2500 homes and perth australia has the world's first wave powered water desalination plant it produces electricity as well as drinking water enough for 500,000 residents number 4 biofuels considering the amount of cars on planet earth we'll need an equal amount of land to plant the biofuels, which brings us to the 3rd generation of biofuel, "algae" algae has the potential to replace crude oil once and for all, you guys may ask hey eugene, why algae? well, algae contains more than 50% of natural oil that could be easily extracted and processed the remainings of the plant can be converted into electricity natural gas, oil and fertilizers.

algae grows at a rapid rate, without land or freshwater, it reduces carbon emissions and effectively treat human waste water geothermal heat from underground molten lava the method of harnessing rising heat from the molten-core underneath the earth into energy, is known as geothermal energy helps power millions of homes around the globe an Icelandic deep drilling project recently discovered a pocket of magma when the team pumped water into the hole, the scorching magma instantly vaporized setting a record of 842 degrees Fahrenheit this highly pressurized steam increase the power output of the system tenfold an astonishing discovery that brings the capabilities of geothermal energy to a whole new level number two spaced based solar power every hour more energy from the sun reaches us we earthlings use in an entire year one idea is to construct large scaled solar farms in space that will collect some of the high intensity unfiltered solar radiation, giant solar mirrors will reflect large amount of solar rays into smaller solar collectors and this energy, will be wirelessly beamed to earth as either microwaves or laser beam number one nuclear fusion unlike fission, nuclear fusion does not create any harmful nuclear waste, because it fuses atoms together instead of splitting them apart in short, it removes the threat of runaway reaction causing nuclear meltdowns but it's easier said than done a nobel prize-winning physicist described fusion as trying to put the sun into a box the idea is outstanding, however, we don't know how to make the box yet.

Technically speaking the fusion reaction will produce a material so hot and volatile that will destroy the reactor that created it first place thanks to private and government sectors spending billions of dollars and resources to help fund the research of this technology and help solve the current problems once we overcome the challenges nuclear fusion will produces limitless energy to power the world, creating new hopes for humanity for the years to come thanks for watching, let me know if you like this video, and post the comments in the peer evaluation section down below..