Colorado Ready for 100

We have the ability to cut air pollution. We have the ability to lower energy rates. We have the ability to stop climate change! We worked at the City of Fort Collins over the last number of years They have very ambitious goals. They came to us to say: is this actually possible? Is this feasible? Can we make this work? Can we make the finances work to actually go carbon-neutral? Not only was it possible they could go farther and faster than they first thought. The first thing is you need commitment from local city leaders. You have to that commitment in place you have to have the drive the ambition that you have. That is what this campaign is all about. Boulder is one hundred percent committed to… We're one hundred percent committed to a hundred percent renewable energy by 2030. We should declare that Pueblo be a one hundred percent renewable energy city just like those other cities. *applause* Denver announced a commitment for an eighty percent reduction in all of our greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors by 2050.

We look forward to getting a lot of input on how we reach that goal, in particular around clean energy. After that you need to do some analysis. We're able to provide technical assistance, analysis, tools that help cities figure out what's the best way to most quickly move towards 100% renewables, and we helped to do that with Aspen. You have to have buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders. This has to be a just transition and it's not enough for just the wealthy to afford solar on their houses and it's not enough for just folks who are well connected to have clean energy jobs we've gotta figure out how to do this by and for everyone. That's why the Sierra Club is so proud and excited to sponsor the Ready for 100 Campaign! We're working to ensure a just and equitable transition to 100% clean energy in every town, city, and community across our great state..