Green Jobs for a Green Future: Weatherization

♪♪ (music playing)♪♪ Van Jones: We're talking about energy efficiency. We're talking about cutting people's energy bills. My name is Van Jones. I am the Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. The President has put billions of dollars into weatherizing buildings, retrofitting buildings, so that we can cut energy bills. Let's go check out one of these projects. Hey. George Hawkins: Good to see you. Van Jones: So tell me what's going on here. George Hawkins: We are retrofitting this entire building. Van Jones: The whole building. George Hawkins: The entire building. So windows are being redone. Fixtures, both air conditioning and lighting is being redone, doors are being changed. There's no question to us that dollar for dollar, this is the single best investment we make on energy, bar none. Not only on energy, but on the multiple benefits.

Van Jones: Are these the green jobs that we are talking about. Are these green jobs? George Hawkins: These are absolutely green jobs. And what — and the Mayor and our agency and working with New York are so delighted about it. These are jobs accessible to people who live in these neighborhoods. Van Jones: Why don't we go inside, you can show me some of this. George Hawkins: Okay. Van Jones: And you can get to working. George Hawkins: All right. Van Jones: All right. Let's go. Now, these are some windows. George Hawkins: Men, I want to introduce you to the gentleman who runs the business here. Brian "Heavy" Palmer: I'm Heavy. Van Jones: What difference does it make to have these kind of windows and this kind of technology versus what was here before? Brian "Heavy" Palmer: I think savings in energy has got to be at least 50 percent. Van Jones: Wow. You're taking about a major reduction.

Brian "Heavy" Palmer: A least 50 percent. Why don't I take you to a finished unit and show you a finished unit. Van Jones: Perfect. Let's do it. Let's do it. Now, why is this a better unit or better solution? Brian "Heavy" Palmer: This unit will save you 50 percent on your A/C bill in a year. But also we replaced the refrigerators in the kitchen with Energy Star refrigerators, and the light fixtures in the kitchen also. Van Jones: So simple things like this will, year after year after year, you'll stack a bunch of savings for people. Brian "Heavy" Palmer: That's correct. Van Jones: So you're not just helping with this summer, you're talking about summer after summer. Brian "Heavy" Palmer: Um-hmm.

Van Jones: That's amazing. "Brian "Heavy" Palmer: Let me introduce you to some of the workers, though, all right. Van Jones: All right. You know some of the folks who live around here. What difference do you think it's going to make to them to have, you know, things looking nicer or to have, you know, energy bills get lower. I mean, do you think they're going to care? Henry Jeffress: I know yesterday I saw a family come in here with some new curtain rods and that made me feel good. I had to tell them, too, dressing up their new windows. And it makes them feel good. Van Jones: Right, right. Henry Jeffress: Whenever you get something that looks nice in there, they could be proud of it. Van Jones: That's right. Henry Jeffress: So it's making a big difference.

Van Jones: So there you have it. Another example of the President's green jobs agenda in action, weatherizing real people's homes, creating real jobs for real people. That's what it's all about. Thank you..