Greening our grid through renewable energy purchases

Ever think about how much energy it takes to search for something on Google? Our engineers spend a lot of time thinking about it and working hard to make our operations as efficient as possible. This means when you search on Google or use one of our other products or services, you don't use much energy at all. We've always optimized our data centers for efficiency, designing them to sip rather than gulp energy. For the energy we do need to power our products and services, we are finding ways to use and purchase clean energy. One of the ways we buy clean power is through power purchase agreements. PPAs are contracts to buy energy from specific facilities that supply energy to a regional power grip. We engage in PPAs specifically for renewable energy sources like wind farms. Why not just build clean energy sources right on our data centers? The places with the best clean power potential are generally not the same places where a data center can most efficiently and reliably serve its users. And while our data centers operate 24/7, most renewable energy sources don't yet.

Google seeks out PPAs that lead to new renewable energy sources being added to the grid over time. With PPAs, we aim to encourage the creation of additional facilities. So we enter into long-term, large scale contracts that enable clean energy providers to get the financing they need to build new projects. At Google we have a strong interest in buying clean energy now and ensuring that we all have clean reliable sources of energy into the future. It's our hope that purchases like these help support the market and drive down the cost of clean power, enabling renewable energy projects to multiply. .