#myNCstory ~ Niagara College Renewable Energies: Powering up students for in-demand careers

– [Bryan] Well, the program is designed to give the students a comprehensive, working knowledge of the various technologies in the renewable energies field, so wind systems, solar system, geothermal. (computerized voice) – [Chris] For me it's very simple. The fact of the matter is that fossil fuels will run out one day, whether it's our generation, two generations, three generations down the road. Eventually we do need to have a solution to this problem. – [Bryan] Well, as we know, the world is changing quickly. We need – there's a need for students to be informed and able to work with renewable energies technologies. The field is really calling for students who have the ability to really have a hands-on working knowledge of the various technologies in the field.

(soft guitar music) – [Chris] Sort of the stuff that we're doing right now, the lab work and actually getting to use the equipment. – [Josh] But now we are testing voltage levels on a generator. This would be for a wind turbine, and it's adjusting to see if there's any faults. And in the real world, if there were faults, we would be troubleshooting it to fix the problem. – [Chris] If there was a real fault, the wind turbine, itself, would shut down and then there'd be a team going in to – up the tower wherever they have to go to fix the problem. – [Josh] Being able to do all these tests and work with the equipment before you go out there gives you a lot more confidence when you're actually in the field, as to being able to measure something instead of being up there and being confused and being scared that you're going to do something wrong. (soft guitar music) (upbeat drum music).