Nat’l Clean Energy Summit 4.0: The Path to Job Creation

The big picture is jobs. America must remain committed to investing in clean energy jobs. That means innovation, that means development and deployment. The movement towards clean tech has grown continuously even during the heart of the recession. This is where economic productivity is gonna come from, this is where efficiency in the economy is going to come from and this has a great potential to produce more jobs. China’s investing in carbon sequestration and clean energy, because out of necessity. Out of necessity, pure, absolute necessity. We’re either going to lead or follow. Right now, today, more than half of the U.S. trade deficit comes from the importation of oil from foreign sources, more than half. We buy too much fossil fuels from potentially or actually volatile places on earth. We’re going to help industries in the United States accelerate the pace of decline in price through research and development, so that the cost of solar energy would be competitive with any form of fossil energy without subsidy.

And the one thing extra that the navy brings is we bring a market. To flip the line from Field of Dreams, if the Navy comes, they will build it. A sustained commitment clean energy will employ Thousands of more Americans. Will help us achieve the clean energy future that we have heard about all day today..