GlobalEDGE is a website from Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. Here’s how you can find it from the Library’s website: Click on Subject Guides. Then click on Business and International Business. Go to the Websites. You can see the link to GlobalEDGE here. Once you enter their site, you can investigate a trade bloc, an industry, a specific US state or select a country to review. I’m going to look at the information for Belgium. When you get the page for the country, you have a Table of Contents along the left side. You have a lot of information you can sift through. I’ll just highlight my favorite part of this site… the Trade Statistics. You can find a lot of the other information they provide in other resources, but they do a particularly good job of providing export/import information in an easy-to-read format. You can see at the top of the page that they rank Belgium 13th out of 136 countries in the size of both their exports and imports.

They give some more numbers. Then they provide charts of their top 10 export and import partners. The biggest piece on the pie chart is usually “other countries,” in other words, all other countries of the world. But here you can see very quickly that their biggest export partners are Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, etc. This “All Trade Partners” link leads to a chart with more specific trade statistics by country. Then they do the same kind of charts for their top 10 export and import products. You could spend quite some time with this site, discovering all the information that they provide. If you have any questions, you can ask the librarians at the LCSC Library for some help. We welcome your questions!.