FC EXPO 2015 |  Hydrogen station for fuel cell forklift “SmartFuel” – Suzuki Shokan Ltd.

Hello. Today in this exhibition, our company has exhibited a hydrogen station for fuel cell forklift. I'll explain the reason why we exhibit. Now, in the hydrogen society, hydrogen car is trying to spread. Our company have been paying attention to forklift to play a roll in the next generation. We will release the hydrogen supply station for the fuel cell forklift. In the United States, it is already in widespread use. In Japan, forklift is going to sell after the future demonstration test. This hydrogen station pressure is 35 MPa. The hydrogen station for the car is 70 megapascals. This is hydrogen station of low pressure. In order to reduce the size of the forklift itself, forklift has a smaller tank to reduce the pressure. In the United States, the size of the forklift reduces by the small container of hydrogen. In the factory, a forklift do not need run the distance as the car. Someone calculated the amount of hydrogen gas used on site, and it is assumed that 35 megapascals per day.

The hydrogen station was considered like this. It will supply in this nozzle. It can supply one-touch. We put the power to this product, we would like to spread across the country. Please take a look. Thank you..