Siphon Water Pump Experiment

What's up everybody? Welcome back to [unintelligible name] As always, safety is number one priority. Put those safety glasses on. Today we are going to do simple water pump. We are going to need plastic bottle with a little bit of water like that. Two glasses, one full one empty. And I colored my water in blue. Three straws, hot glue, and electric tape. First we are gonna need to make two holes. Right here. Pretty much get scissors punch in two and spin it around, and same thing over here. Thats gonna look like that. To make one long straw we are gonna take two straws and tape them up together. Then what we are gonna do is put two straws like that. One should be a lot longer than the other one. Then we are gonna get out hot glue gun and seal it up with hot glue. Nice layer so the water will not go off anywhere. The yellow one is longer than the green one. And the green one is longer on that side.

So pretty much we gotta wait like a couple minutes still, so the glue will dry. So after a couple minutes after the glue all dried up. We are gonna put the cup on the bottle. Then we are gonna need some elevation. I'm gonna use this jug as my elevation. Put my glass of water on top on it. And this one is going to take it, and we are going to need to plug this one up and turn it over. And as you can see the water doesn't come out because the yellow straw is above the water. Then we are going to stick the yellow one inside the water like that, and the green over that. What happens? Check this out. As you can see, we got a fountain on top and water pumping from that glass to that one. Alright guys let me know in the comments what do you think, how does it work? You know, how is that pumping the water? It's almost against all the physics. Or is it? So I am very curious what you guys think. As always don't forget to subscribe and I will see you next time.