Swardman cylinder mowers vs. rotary mowers

Welcome to all admirers of perfectly cut lawns. Today I'd like to show you in practice the significant differences between cylinder and rotary mowers. First we'll start with something everyone knows. This is a typical rotary mower that you can buy in a garden center. It's got a spinning knife that rotates like a helicopter propeller and it cuts the same blades of grass until it moves away. That results in torn and shredded grass. As we can see it leaves traces undercuts the lawn and is quite noisy as well. Let's continue with this little thing right here. Most of you might know this from your childhood or your grandparents' shed. It's a manual cylinder mower, also known as the push cylinder mower. Unlike rotary mowers the cylinder mower cuts the grass like scissors. So we at Swardman started thinking and reinvented the cylinder mower. With Swardman mowers you get the perfect cut for your lawn.

Each blade of grass is cut only once which means less stress and faster regeneration. The lawn is healthier, greener, has less evaporated water and boasts a fresher look. But there's more to this mower than the best cutting results. The Swardman mower has no wheels, it moves on two rollers. This ensures the typical stripe to English lawn effect and there are no wheel traces either. The mower is easier to manipulate and is also faster. Cylinder mowers need less energy than rotary mowers. So our mower needs less horsepower and has lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Your neighbors will also appreciate that this is the quietest petrol mower in the world. Sometimes your lawn needs regeneration Swardman mowers have a removable cartridge system and you can change it to verticutter, scarifier or brush in two minutes. As we have seen the differences are rather significant. So now let's see just how much time we can save by using a cylinder mower.

and now you know the secret to making the perfect English style lawn..