Queensland Government ‪#‎NotNowNotEver‬ challenge

Hi, I’m Paul Simshauser, Director-General, Department of Energy and Water Supply. Domestic violence is an frightening reality in our communities. The Queensland Government has set a challenge for Director's General – wanting us to personally lead and change the way we educate, recognise and respond to domestic violence In my department – our Executive Management team made a pledge to do all that we can to eliminate domestic and family violence in Queensland We have entered into a partnership with a domestic violence shelter as part of the CEO Challenge The priority for us was not only supporting victims, but also raising awareness and opening conversation up in the workplace around domestic and family violence. So far, we have raised over $35,000 for the shelter in only a few months. If we are going to tackle domestic violence we need to break the silence.

Jacque Taka, Program Manager, CEO Challenge Australia Since January this year we have lost 30 lives to domestic violence nationally and here in Queensland, an awful statistic. Since March to the beginning of May, seven women have lost their lives. We have children involved, survivors now, who won’t have their parents. Australia’s CEO challenge has made a commitment with Government to raise awareness and educate through our training programs. As part of what we do, we’ve also been able to look at partnerships between businesses and workplaces with the frontline. We currently have a partnership that I was fortunate to be a part of and have watched grow. Department of Energy and Water Supply have been partnered with Windana Support Centre, a local refuge that has been around for over a decade and is doing amazing work to support those women and children who are traumatised to move forward in their lives. Tim Quirey, Strategic Futures, Department of Energy and Water Supply Violence against women occurs in all communities regardless of culture, educational or socio-economic background.

Our goal for the year is to support the livelihood of these families, giving them resources to maintain a sense of normalcy whilst in the centre, and also to ensure they are supported once they leave the centre. Our fundraising means the families in Windana can enjoy life and celebrate festivities. To date we have been able to provide easter hampers, school holiday activity packs and mother’s day hampers. The year ahead will see us doing a winter drive, organising an exhibition outing, coordinating seasonal clothing, back to school packs and Christmas fundraising..